Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You ran to fast dear September!

Hey Hi Hello guys,

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Ah mai gad. Lamanya tak update blog. HAHA again I remember why I stopped blogging the last time. But I should not give up to keep you guys entertain. What am I up to now till won’t able to keep you guys posted? Workaholic alert guys.

Naahh let talk about what happened this September?

1. I went to Star Wars Force Friday! I have a haul to share with you guys btw, but haven’t got the chance. Will keep this update even it has been awhile. I had soo much fun that night. HAHA Long line, Flooded with people (not as much la kan, biasalah I kan suka over exaggerate) But still, I take 2 hours for us to pay what be buy.

2. I got my laptop back. YES super Happy! As you guys know that my laptop hospitalized for the past few weeks and I got it back. Able to update more and upload more video :)

3. I have lots of August & September favourite to share with you guys. Yes I am. I’ve got into weird shopping aura for the past two month tho. HAHA shop a lot. Syhh! Then figured and falling for new fav which I could not wait to share with you guys. Who knows that we have the same favs right? Yippie.

4. RM5 Fiesta. Yes the book fiesta which I have mentioned in my previous entry. Yeap. I had myself out and force En Amin to go with me. PAKSA kay. Tak lah. Joke. Rajin En Amin melayan kerenah to go and wipe my book’s craving. Thank you awak :) I did bought few books, some are with him and some are with me. I will def share the haul with you guys later.

5. I’m currently trying to catch up everything and keep my self posted with all your update. Baca Blog entry macam baca buku yang simple, easy and mudah untuk faha which I like it a lot. Unfortunately not able to do that like seriously. I did manage to catch few entry but tak dan nak komen bos dah panggil, orang call. Argh. I need ay long Vacation!

6. My Bestfriend wedding! Yes last Saturday. 25th it was an amazing experience. Love it love it love it. Even tho it’s a short trip. But still looking at the reception night and tears of happiness fall are things that I would like to cherish. Tahniah Puan MIMI HAHA, have a good trip to Acheh, and Happy Honeymoon.

Ah currently editing some clip just to share with you guys. Tapi very short. Jangan lupa tengok ya nanti hihi


Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 


  1. September went by very fast for me too! Are you going to do blog posts or YT videos for favourites?

    1. YT video and blog as well. HAHA thanks for reading Hari! :)

  2. finally ya ! can't wait for your next video!


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