Friday, September 11, 2015

When i feel 'empty' without Photoshop & Illustrator

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

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Sejak Kebelakangan ni memang suka dengar lagu lama-lama ke nal? HAHA. Hi there, howwas you guys doing? Rindunyaaa nak upload video kat YouTube :(

Anyway! Today entry will be as above. Since Laptop masuk hospital. MC Air tak puas nak guna. Tapi Alhamdulillah. Still ada tempat nak buat kerja. However, Work need Photoshop and Illustrator. Haiya. Susah jugak. All graphic, Masthead and my blog picture nak edit guna apa?

Search and Search and Search. Teringat masa mula-mula nak guna photoshop. I do all my editing thru online website. Zaman Myspace dulu. All the “acah-acah model” images and stuff are edited through online website.

Yes. This is the website that help me so far. However, sometimes I still need Photoshop and Illustrator as well. Mana boleh buat logo guna website ni. HAHA I did find a few other website. But well I am much confortable and familiar with this wesite rather than the other website.

So I would like to recommend this Website if you need an urgent online editing website just in case your Photoshop Crash or anything. HAHAHA

Thank you for reading this short entry.
Till Then.


  1. I have tried using this too! It's pretty extensive for an online editing tool...

    1. Yea quite cool to have this kind of online editing website tho. Thanks for reading Hari!

  2. I Love pixlr, When ever i am away from computer where i cannot find my real photoshop then i use this tool, But since pixlr is acquired by Autodesk they has come up with come paid features of that software. Recently some one has lauch a toolpic editor also which is also one of the best Online Free Photoshop alternative it is same like pixlr, But the good thing is that the paid feature of pixlr was there in free version of this tool and that too it comes with some amazing feature of animation GIF file creator. DO check Hope you and your visitor love this Info.

    1. Ahh Thank you soo much for your comment it do help me lots. Thanks for stepping by :)

  3. Olololoo.. sabar ek . kurang 2 minggu lagi insyallah ;D


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