Saturday, September 19, 2015

Awesome Book Fiesta!

Hey Hi Hello guys!

How are you guys doing?
OMG OMG it's seriously been awhile since my laptop 'Hospitalized' , my working hour are like teet! Busy week, Busy month definitely. But i would like to skip all that and update you guys on what and when? eh? bleh jadi nama segment ni. HAHA

As you can see. It's an Awesome Book Fiesta going through for this past few weeks. I have never been to Big Bad Wolf tho. Bit upset cause everytime BBW was held here. I'm not free. did not get a chance to get my hand yet on any of BBW books. but wait! I went to my fav website! BIG SALE where you could find more sales and promotions. Did noticed that there was so much book event going on now. I GO CRAZAYY like this. Especially the RM5 Fiesta at Viva Expo Hall. Right away, i texted Mr Bedullah and ask him if we could go to these event soon and he said yes! 

YES!!! Lagipun sebenarnya nak keluar cari barang sikit pun, so alang-alang kan. HAHA as mentioned before, i have this kind of addiction on smelling, having and buying books! Even tho baca nya jauh sekali. ahh! but now i did started to get my hands on it. So it will never be a waste believe me. 

Geram je tengok orang beli buku banyak banyak kan. nak jugak! cant wait can't wait can't wait! There are more. just in case this event are too far for you guys. here's more ; 

Mana tahu, Viva home jauh, you are still able to attend this event which gonna end very very soon. Make sure that you'll never missed any of it. **for who are book lovers! HAHA and Theres more. Who loves MPH? angkat tangan! HAHA

There will be more event coming soon by MPH. so stay tune guys. make sure that you will also not gonna missed any of these great carnival.

There will be Goodie bags, mascots, games, prizes and a whole lot of books. It's a wonderful book fiesta that will travel the country as it will be all the usual carnival sights, sounds and tastes – I will be there, even the only thing i will never enjoy are watching clowns every where, but yeah as long i'm able to scoff popcorn and cotton candy in between searching that is a great news for me! So MPH Readers’ Circle (MRC) members can join the Bookerville Carnival Party at MPH 1 Utama (29-30 August). Catch the carnival  from 29-30 August at MPH 1 Utama and 26-27 September at MPH Nu Sentral. Check the website for details of carnivals outside KL.

Let me know which event you will be attending and when, maybe we could get a chance to meet up!

Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 

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