Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You ran to fast dear September!

Hey Hi Hello guys,

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Ah mai gad. Lamanya tak update blog. HAHA again I remember why I stopped blogging the last time. But I should not give up to keep you guys entertain. What am I up to now till won’t able to keep you guys posted? Workaholic alert guys.

Naahh let talk about what happened this September?

1. I went to Star Wars Force Friday! I have a haul to share with you guys btw, but haven’t got the chance. Will keep this update even it has been awhile. I had soo much fun that night. HAHA Long line, Flooded with people (not as much la kan, biasalah I kan suka over exaggerate) But still, I take 2 hours for us to pay what be buy.

2. I got my laptop back. YES super Happy! As you guys know that my laptop hospitalized for the past few weeks and I got it back. Able to update more and upload more video :)

3. I have lots of August & September favourite to share with you guys. Yes I am. I’ve got into weird shopping aura for the past two month tho. HAHA shop a lot. Syhh! Then figured and falling for new fav which I could not wait to share with you guys. Who knows that we have the same favs right? Yippie.

4. RM5 Fiesta. Yes the book fiesta which I have mentioned in my previous entry. Yeap. I had myself out and force En Amin to go with me. PAKSA kay. Tak lah. Joke. Rajin En Amin melayan kerenah to go and wipe my book’s craving. Thank you awak :) I did bought few books, some are with him and some are with me. I will def share the haul with you guys later.

5. I’m currently trying to catch up everything and keep my self posted with all your update. Baca Blog entry macam baca buku yang simple, easy and mudah untuk faha which I like it a lot. Unfortunately not able to do that like seriously. I did manage to catch few entry but tak dan nak komen bos dah panggil, orang call. Argh. I need ay long Vacation!

6. My Bestfriend wedding! Yes last Saturday. 25th it was an amazing experience. Love it love it love it. Even tho it’s a short trip. But still looking at the reception night and tears of happiness fall are things that I would like to cherish. Tahniah Puan MIMI HAHA, have a good trip to Acheh, and Happy Honeymoon.

Ah currently editing some clip just to share with you guys. Tapi very short. Jangan lupa tengok ya nanti hihi


Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's time for him to go.


It take awhile for me to type this into my blog and today i decided to finish it once for all. - August 4th, 15 12:00 AM 

Sihat died.
Which my cat which i have featured in my previous entry. He died in the cause of some virus and pneumonia." (I stop typing at this moment as i couldn't handle the pain)

Hey Hi Hello guys!

How are you guys doing?

Well Yes. i stop typing right away when i'm about to express what i feel when my dear cat died last 2 month. 28th of July. My birthday month. Gosh. it takes a while for me to keep myself together and continue to type this entry. I remember when i first got him. It's the last episode and live for Suka lattew, me as the production exec. One of the production team came back from vet clinic bringing this little cutie pie. Unfortunate for him, one of the production team accidently langgar his leg and cause him paralysed on his left leg. But i can see, Sihat were a really strong kitten at that moment. I fell in love with him right away and offers the team to take care of him since nobody can. 

HAHA looking back on that day.  Dec 2014, he cause lot of trouble to all my production team. why ? with his condition, we thought he will not capable to jump put from the basket, since we have no cage. Unfortunate, he went missing right after the live. we found out that he went under the stairs with many things stored (heavy things) under it as well. At first i have give up when he totally ignored my calls, then i went back to the production room. My boss asked me did i manage to get the cat, with a sad face i said "no". My boss then call each of the production team (guy) to help him moved all the stuff under the stairs just to get this little trouble maker. It was so funny. Mr Bedullah, my boyfriend helps to when he also about to give up when Sihat ignore his calls. 

Why Sihat? 
My mom. she was pity with his condition. Sihat couldn't control himself. he peed in his sleep, he feels uncomfortable with himself. giving and calling him Sihat is a pray that he will get better soon. Sihat means Healthy. i know and i can see it's hard for him at first to control himself walking with only 3 legs. i did thought to cut out the left leg but. how can he walk with just 3 leg? i talk to the doctor that i want to give him a chance to make use with his paralysed leg first. He always with me when i come back home, he always bite my hand which i assume, it's his way of telling that he missed me a lot. My mom can see that he loves me so much when He came home only if i called.

27th July 2015, i called him, he didn't came back. This one day that he had never answer my calls. i was worried sick. Yes, he grown up now. so i assume he was playing around and sleeping. Even with his condition, that God that he manage to run like normal cat, just bit weird with is left leg. but still. He was so active. Unfortunate, He had his fever that day but my mom couldn't said "no Sihat , stay home!" he's a cat, how can he understand? 

7 pm at night. i was still looking for him. calling him over and over again. i can't wait then, I went out with my neighbours that night. Hanging out at cafes, i was enjoying my food, laughing and having a great time which i did not notice that i will cry my eyes out later that night. 

I came back home around 10pm -11pm and saw sihat laying in front of the gate looking at me while his trying to catch his breath. i can see he had dificulties to breath. i called my dad and ask where can i send him to at this hour. my dad picks me up and we've send him to vet hospital (i forgot the place - trying to handle my tears right now). Sihat calling me, i know he's telling me that his in pain. i couldn't stop crying. I beg to God please take a way his pain and give it to me if can. he already went thru soo much when he's young this is not fair to him. i didn't know what happen. 

Arrived at the hospital, the doctor check him right away and telling me that he has problem with his lung. i ask the doctor to do anything. then what disappoint me so much that it cost RM2K for his treatment but no guarantee that he will survive looking at his condition, he might die during the treatment. I was in pain, sad and broken. Sihat keep calling me, seems like he asking me when he can feel better. he was so much in pain. i couldn't said anything but telling him that everything gonna be okay, soon. I pray that God to take his life a way rather that seeing him in pain. 

I take him back home. sit with him and looking at his eyes, one last word i said. "You will go to somewhere better sihat i promise you. please remember me" my mom advice for me to come in, it's already late, i have to left him alone in the cage. 

I call Amin, i can't stop crying. 

later that morning. my mom called me, she said sihat was gone. It's time for him to go. 

So guys, This is what happened. i know. maybe for some. this is nothing. he just a cat. I have been living my life with more that 50 cats and yet Sihat has given me so much memory. Why did i cry to much? Since i have been living with more than 50 cats, so then i must be used to it right ? no. i cried everytime my cat died. each of them. But what make me disappointed so much with sihat is, for the past 24 years i supposed that i know how to take care of my cat but then, i still couldn't save him. 

The only thing i hope, if one day, i could get a chance to meet all of my cats. I just want to say sorry if i'm not great in taking care of you guys. Please do not forget me. 

In Memory Sihat 2014 - 2015, Al-Fatihah.
I miss you love.

Till then.

Awesome Book Fiesta!

Hey Hi Hello guys!

How are you guys doing?
OMG OMG it's seriously been awhile since my laptop 'Hospitalized' , my working hour are like teet! Busy week, Busy month definitely. But i would like to skip all that and update you guys on what and when? eh? bleh jadi nama segment ni. HAHA

As you can see. It's an Awesome Book Fiesta going through for this past few weeks. I have never been to Big Bad Wolf tho. Bit upset cause everytime BBW was held here. I'm not free. did not get a chance to get my hand yet on any of BBW books. but wait! I went to my fav website! BIG SALE where you could find more sales and promotions. Did noticed that there was so much book event going on now. I GO CRAZAYY like this. Especially the RM5 Fiesta at Viva Expo Hall. Right away, i texted Mr Bedullah and ask him if we could go to these event soon and he said yes! 

YES!!! Lagipun sebenarnya nak keluar cari barang sikit pun, so alang-alang kan. HAHA as mentioned before, i have this kind of addiction on smelling, having and buying books! Even tho baca nya jauh sekali. ahh! but now i did started to get my hands on it. So it will never be a waste believe me. 

Geram je tengok orang beli buku banyak banyak kan. nak jugak! cant wait can't wait can't wait! There are more. just in case this event are too far for you guys. here's more ; 

Mana tahu, Viva home jauh, you are still able to attend this event which gonna end very very soon. Make sure that you'll never missed any of it. **for who are book lovers! HAHA and Theres more. Who loves MPH? angkat tangan! HAHA

There will be more event coming soon by MPH. so stay tune guys. make sure that you will also not gonna missed any of these great carnival.

There will be Goodie bags, mascots, games, prizes and a whole lot of books. It's a wonderful book fiesta that will travel the country as it will be all the usual carnival sights, sounds and tastes – I will be there, even the only thing i will never enjoy are watching clowns every where, but yeah as long i'm able to scoff popcorn and cotton candy in between searching that is a great news for me! So MPH Readers’ Circle (MRC) members can join the Bookerville Carnival Party at MPH 1 Utama (29-30 August). Catch the carnival  from 29-30 August at MPH 1 Utama and 26-27 September at MPH Nu Sentral. Check the website for details of carnivals outside KL.

Let me know which event you will be attending and when, maybe we could get a chance to meet up!

Thanks for reading!
Till Then. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Giveaway: BB Cream (Nurrul's Beauty) by RianaLittleCuties

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Jum Jum Join Giveaway rakan blog RianaLittleCuties. Nak Join?  Mana tahu ada rezeki kawan-kawan kan? Goodluck!!

Thanks For 
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Blogstagram Giveaway | Winner Announcement!

Hey, Hi Hello Guys,

First thing First, I would like to say thanks to who had join in this Giveaway. Which is Syaza Raihanah and Riana Little Cutties Sebab sudi join giveaway ni. Sorry sebab aynal buka penyertaan ni untuk blogger yang duduk area lembah klang. sebab tu ramai yang tak dapat nak join. Anyway! now Aynal dengan sukacitanya nak annouce siapakah pemenang untuk giveaway ni. 
dan pemenangnya adalahhhh


Diminta Pemenang boleh email aynal untuk redeem hadiah :)))

Tapi Tapi Tapi. 
Since dua orang je yang join. aynal nak bagi sedikit penghargaan dengan Cik Syaza jugak sebab sudi join. Hadiahnya apa? Tunguuuu. Nanti kita wasap Cik Syaza ya. Thanks for joining in :))

Terima kasih sekali lagi buat keduanya yang sudi join giveaway ni. :))

Thank you for reading!
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When i feel 'empty' without Photoshop & Illustrator

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

Now Listening - #Through The Rain – Mariah Carey

Sejak Kebelakangan ni memang suka dengar lagu lama-lama ke nal? HAHA. Hi there, howwas you guys doing? Rindunyaaa nak upload video kat YouTube :(

Anyway! Today entry will be as above. Since Laptop masuk hospital. MC Air tak puas nak guna. Tapi Alhamdulillah. Still ada tempat nak buat kerja. However, Work need Photoshop and Illustrator. Haiya. Susah jugak. All graphic, Masthead and my blog picture nak edit guna apa?

Search and Search and Search. Teringat masa mula-mula nak guna photoshop. I do all my editing thru online website. Zaman Myspace dulu. All the “acah-acah model” images and stuff are edited through online website.

Yes. This is the website that help me so far. However, sometimes I still need Photoshop and Illustrator as well. Mana boleh buat logo guna website ni. HAHA I did find a few other website. But well I am much confortable and familiar with this wesite rather than the other website.

So I would like to recommend this Website if you need an urgent online editing website just in case your Photoshop Crash or anything. HAHAHA

Thank you for reading this short entry.
Till Then.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blogstagram Giveaway | NerdiaxAynalMansor CLOSED

Hey Hi Hello guys!

Haaaaaaaa Giveaway ni will be close soon. Which by 3PM today! Siapa nak menang kek sedap dengan mystery box benilai RM50++? Ada product Silky Girl, Lovisa, Korean product brand, Avene, and more. takkan tak nak hadiah-hadiah ni. So masih ada masa lagi ni nak join. Sedih sorang je yang join. Kalau ada yang terlepas pandang. haa boleh la join giveaway ni.

Tarikh tutup : Khamis, 10 September 2015 (JAM 3 Petang) | LINK |

Good luck!
Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Star Wars Force Friday @ Toys R Us Mid Valley!

Hey, Hi, hello, guys!

Have you saved your date tonight to stay up late & Celebrate? its a midnight opening & product launch for Star Wars Fans! The Force has awakened guys! Ahh super excited! I will be there and looking forward to see you guys if you are there as well!

6 hours to go! See you there!

Thanks for reading!
Till Then.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Laptop Hospitalized

Hey, Hi, Hello, guys!

I will not be uploading any YouTube video for next 2-3 weeks since Mr MacBook Pro been hospitalized. Blogspot will be up as per usual, just for YouTube. Honestly it already been past 2 month and at last Mr Macbook admitted finally. The hospitalization cost pheww!

The cause of injury?. Don’t really want to remember what had happened to avoid traumatized but let’s pray that it won’t happen again.

I might see you guys on my next video probably in 2-3 week! Thanks for anyone out there who watching me, I’m Sorry! Promised to see you guys soon!

Thanks for Reading!
Till Then
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