Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Beautiful Blogger Award


Hey hi hello guys!

I just started Blogging back in the month of July since I’ve been resting from blogger world around 6 years. I have found myself loved and welcomed by a really nice and great bloggers. Thank you.

The guidelines for the award are as follows;

i) State who nominated you
It such an honor for me to be nominated for “THE BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD” by one of my new great blog friend Hari, check our his Blog. HERE. He had done such a great review on most of the brand, which you can name it. Great blog! don't forget to check it out!

ii) Answer questions given
The 10 questions that Hari had for his nominees;

1.     Since all my nominees are also beauty bloggers, when you do your makeup which part of your face or which routine do you focus on the most?
For me is my eyes, unfortunately I don’t have the skills on doing my eye shadows but I really like to do my brows and lashes. I’m very particular when drawing my brow and separate my lashes to make sure that it look perfect to me.

2.     Following the previous question, what is the one thing you feel is very tiresome and problematic when doing your makeup?
Brows to be honest, because sometime it could get so perfect and sometimes I could mess up pretty bad HAHA.

3.     What is one makeup advice/tip you can give to beginners?
Ahhh this is quite hard. Hrm well I’m not that good in make up which I also keep looking for great tips from other people. Can I skip this part? Hihi sorry. Seriously blank.

4.     What is one makeup (not beauty or skin care) item you would pick if that’s the only thing you could use for the rest of your life?
Can I please pick two? Ah well two bad if it’s only one which I would say, Mascara. HAHA

5.     Moving on to non makeup related questions, what is your one passion in life?
Tv production & creative industries, which what I’m actually doing right now. It gave so much effect on peoples life. I love creative thinking. Don’t get me wrong when we talk about creatives, its not all about doing creative things, art and such. It also the way you think as well which touch people feelings and surrounding. 

6.     What is your dream job?
Creative Director. Hope by working hard pays me off to make it happen. Still lots of things to learnt. So guys never stop learning.

7.     What is one interesting fact about your home state, preferably something people may not know of?
Kuala Lumpur? hmm. To many malls in my housing area. Which I never will understand. HAHA

8.     How long is your longest friendship with a person (if you want to you can name the person as well)?
My neighbor. Nadia & Siti which I think the longest friendship that I had so far.

9.     What is one aspect of your life you find most inspiring?
Be strong, be honest and be who you are. That is so far I think what makes me today. Which I find it is inspiring. Just move on and don’t look back cause there is nothing for you to cling and stay with your past.

1. What one thing would you say to people who think wearing makeup is being fake?
For people who think that way, may i rephrase the question to "why would that makes people being fake?" "What is fake in our understanding? Make up? Or the unpleasant attitude and behaviour that make people fake?" -- for me there’s nothing wrong for people to wear make up that is how they boost their confident, which I assume that is their way. We have our own way. It’s just unfortunate if fake people coming from people who wearing make up.  Never judge before knowing what fake and what’s not.

iii) Tell us 7 random facts
-       I love black in color
-       I love skulls
-       I love metal and heavy metal song in genre
-       I used to be very passive and shy in person
-       I love Star wars Characters
-       I’m a lip junkie
-      I can always hide my pain thru smiles. Which I assume everyone can do it well in their own way. That is what I called strong people

iv) Nominate 10 beauty or fashion bloggers
I don’t have too many followers as just started blogging back but I will nominate 3 bloggers for this award;
-       Hanablurbs
-       Wadaluna
-       Ieyra H

For you to know as well there is no obligation for you to do this, no worries of you not able to do so, everyone are great! Thanks Hari for nominating me :) you rocked!

v) Make up 10 questions for your nominees to answer (I have 5 simple question for your guys)
Here is the 5 questions for my nominees;
1.     Describe about yourself in 3 words.
2.     Tell one thing you do for the past five-month that will inspires everyone else.
3.     What do you like about yourself
4.     And what you don’t like about yourself
5.     What are you working on right now for your future

To be honest, this is the question that one of my mentors always asks me to answer quarter. Same question. Why? Because your will figure out what exactly you want building towards your future. It really helps me. It’s fine if it’s different every year. You will figure everything out slowly.

vi) Let the bloggers know you nominated them
 I will do that definitely!

Thank you for Reading!
Till Then.


  1. Woaa. I am deeply honored! ;) Thankie Aynal. I'll get it done! :)

  2. and congratulations to you as well !! :)

  3. Hahaha trick questionssss. Lol thanks for the tag! :'D

    Hana Blurbs

  4. congratulation dear

    1. Thank youuu sis! tq tq tq. tak sangkaa heee Alhamdulillah.

  5. YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy you did it! I am really impressed with your answers! I love the heavy metal, punk rock stuff too!!!

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