Saturday, August 15, 2015

My New Skin Care Routine!

Hey, hi, hello guys. How are ya?

If you have noticed in my previous entry, I did mention that I am looking for one skincare product that are okay with any type of skin especially my skin. At first, I would like to have a try on Clinique, but then after few days searching. I have found one! And yes! Funny story about this would not plan to have this in any purposes but the skincare that I’ve been using now are also recommended and suggested by Hari. I know! He is so good at this.  I’m actually looking around Watson and found one brand that I didn't know about, which called SIMPLE.

Suits with the name, it has a simple packaging with calm green. I bought the Starter pack for RM18.80 at Watson (that has Gel Cleanser, Toner and light moisturiser) and use it for 2 weeks to see how it goes. Oh my! feel in love with it. It suits my skin and i have bought the full size and a complete set of it for my self. 

History : i did use clean and clear, it's fine at first. then it makes my skin oily. then i tried Garnier. Ahh! this brand did not suits me at all. I find myself breakout so bad right after i used it. it doesn't make any sense at all. but seriously. I like the scents but no. it did not works well on my skin. 

So here come these SIMPLE babies that wins my heart. This is what I use it for now. i know it might be to early to said this is the best. but honestly it's the best so far. This Unilever brand are made with natural key ingredients, no artificial perfume, no artificial colour and no harsh chemicals -- The Simple Skincare range of products are predominantly free of animal derived ingredients. You can definitely check on the website to have a quick look on the product -- SIMPLE

So What did i bought for myself?

The Products : 
1. Simple Smooth Cleanser Scrub (Facial Scrub) - RM17.77
2. Simple Purify Cleansing Lotion - RM13.80
3. Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - RM16.91
4. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser - RM15.80
5. Simple Soothing Facial Toner - RM13.80
6. Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On - RM22.87
7. Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream - RM31.37 

So i did read some of the reviews and guide on which to use and what is the routine for this products. Here i would like to share my Day and Night routines (who knows you are interested to give a go with this products). 

My Day Routine. 
For step six, I actually use the scrub once a week to avoid my skin be to dry. If you have oily skin, 2 times a week should be great. if you have normal or dry skin, once a week should be fine. But the scrub are ahmayyzing! you need to try!

My Night Routine.
For Step 5 are optional. Just if i didn't get enough sleep on previous night. i applied it for the next day to make sure i don't get puffy air bag..i mean eye bag. HAHA What i can see so far is, in every skin care products, night cream would the most expensive items which treat and repair your skin while you having your beauty sleep. But make sure it's more than 3 hours sleep or else, it will never works. also be patient because it will never works its magic in just one night. Make sure to get at least 8 hours good sleep which will gives your products ample time to sink in. re-apply it every night.  

Thanks for reading My New Skin Care Routine.
Till then. 


  1. Just bought the Light Moisturiser from Simple last week. It was great and I plan to buy the all set later. Thanks for the entry, its help me a lot :)

    1. no prob syaza. glad that this help. u should try the set! Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Whoa you bought the whole range! :D I love the cleanser, it has been a staple in my routine for years simply because it works! Toner pun best~ ♡

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. kannn? i love it so far tho. i love the toner and the scrub. you should try! :) thanks for reading ieyra! :))

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  4. Its hard to find facial product that suits us, right? Haha. Well, I'm using Safi. Really suits me much. Glad you found yours! Oh ya. Do join my first giveaway contest yaa! Here's the link:

    1. Hi Wada, Thanks for stepping by. best sangat dapat jumpa yang suits with skin.
      will do soon! thankssss for inviting!

  5. woww.. this make me a little excited to buy new skincare series. hehe

    1. u should try i can. Thanks for reading! heyyy, lama senyappp u ni. HAHA

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