Friday, August 7, 2015

My Essence Haul?

Hey, Hi, Hello guys.

Well looking back on my previous make up essentials haul entry.
One of my fellow good blog buddy, Harivaindaran, i called him Hari (feel free to check out his blog, he does a really good review on most product only you can tell). So long story short, he did suggest me to try it on essence's brushes as i'm looking for a nice brush yet not too expensive. 

Later that night. i went to Watson to look for it. Right away tuh! dasyat! Ahha! So, What did i bought from essence? 

 1. Essence Powder Brush 
Well, to be honest i can't really make a review on it. I need at least minimum 6 months to a year to give my full review. well so far touching the brush, it soft but not yet approved by my face. Will see how it goes. I have few powder brush actually but so far it didn't make me satisfied. I like the brush colour, black and pink..edgy and cute. I did do some research regarding on their brushes, well most of the review are good well, not to lie that there is some cons as well. But, If still essence brush did not make me happy as well, it's time for me to spend to more professional brands. Probably worth it. Price : RM17.90

2. Essence Blush Brush 
Again, I can't a full review on how it goes. the only thing that i can said is the brush a soft on my hand. So what's the difference? "if it feels soft on your hand it should feel the same way on your face." not really for me. i did have some brushes feels soft on my hand but not on my face. So by that kind of experience, i can't compare it that way. Price : RM16.85

3. Essence Eyeshadow & Essence Smokey Eye Brush 
Same goes with these 2 brushes. Should be giving out reviews soon! :) Price Each : RM8.35

5. Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara 
So then i take a glance on all of their product and saw one thing that i have been looking for a while! The lash and brow gel mascara. ahhh! finally! i should grab one. RM12.60

If you have been using some of the item, do share! :)

Thank you for reading!
Till Then.


  1. Bestnyer! Thank your for mentioning me and the compliments! Terharunya!!! Anyway, I will be waiting for your review on these brushes.

    1. HAHA actually i was afraid to main mention you. but then i need to tell what exactly happen right? so i need to mention your name. hope you don't mind. thanks for reading! and thank you for the recommendation.


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