Saturday, August 8, 2015

July Favourite Bath & Body Works Candle

It smells so good! Seriously. No joke here. The best-scented candle from Bath and Body works so far for me. I'm not a person who loved to have cinnamon bun cupcake vanilla ice cream type of scents in my room. I would prefer something refreshing and warm for me to feel calm after go on thru such a hectic day. I came back pretty late these past few days. Production can be bit stress when it comes to fieldwork. 

Last night I came back around 2.30am helping my friend with her editing. Touch down would not be complete without Bath & Body Works candle. Just finish out my watermelon lemonade scents, which is my Jun favourites and now, I totally need a new one. So bought these two scents for a friend, posted it out for her. I saw they had sale now 50% off on these babies. Bit disappointed when thinking that i bought these two candles before the sales. But well, i did lay down on these two scents and straight away falling for it. It’s love at the first sight, so i had to get it right away. HAHA Can’t resists not buying it for myself. So went back to the store and bought the exact same scents for me. It's my favourite candle for July!


1. Rio Red Guava 
When you open the candle, right away it speak the truth that anything related to Brazil is sexy. Yes! That is how I want to describe the scents, sexy. For the label on the glass, for me it doesn’t describe anything from Rio, it seems like it's more to african pattern. I also don’t have any idea what Guava smells like at first place. The smell somehow feels like you are bringing home the vibrant beauty of Rio with succulent guava layered over flavourful passion fruit. The aroma brings a subtle passion fruit scents yet not too strong. Juicy and romantic. Suits for your bedroom if you are husband and wife. Let's be real here. Just burn it for an hour or two. Light it out. Ahhhh! The smells were rather enjoyable and I would like to add…AMAZING!

2. Mango Dragon Fruit
Can you imagine that a candle smells so good, it almost makes you want to eat it. The fruity and warm scents remind you to get a vacation break. In my opinion, this candles throw is very good it is not unpleasantly super strong but pleasantly strong, you know what i meant when you give this a try.In other word it was moderately strong. has a slight note which a mango scents, (love it) combine a bit or tangerine or melon-y scents but i can't tell if there is dragon fruit smell on it, maybe that is what is supposed to smell like. Believe me i don't know what dragon fruit's smell like. HAHA To be honest, i like it A LOT! It's a tropical oasis in Hawaiii. love it. I will definitely repurchased this!

As you can see i love scented candle, lovely fragrances, body butter, hand lotion anything that smells good attracts me. Well, it will get my ultimate attention. Hope you enjoy reading this entry. oh! the price, it's RM105 each candle but if you buy two it's RM175 if i'm not mistaken. (correct me if i'm wrong).

Thank you for reading!
Till Then.


  1. woooowww. I'm intrigued ! kalau dah yang lemonade hari tu wangi gila bg i, yg ni entah macam mana ..

    1. haha it's so good tho i will def try to get for you soon! sedap gila bau diaaa HAHA
      Thanks for readingg!

  2. Bath & Body Works ni dekat Midvalley ada kan? I selalu tak perasan store dia. ;_; I rarely go Midvalley tho.. >3<

    ieyra h. | blog


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