Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blogstagram Giveaway Teaser?

Hey hi hello guys!

It's ay-nother awesome giveaway for you guyys!!!!! 
But wait for it till tomorrow, Friday for you to join in and know more about this GIVEAWAY!
This are a collaboration Giveaway with Nerdia, one of my best buddy who had a great talent
making ay wonderful homemade cake.

"Chocolate Gateau" are one of her new great piece and flavour. 
This giveaway is one the chance for you to have a taste on it for FREEEEE!
not just that! you will also get and awesome Mystery prize that worth RM50!!

To be honest, not saying this because she is my friend, but thats the truth. 
She once did surprise me with an awesome skull Cake that she make by herself. 
how awesome is that? and to add it's moist chocolate flavour!!!

Not just that! she also made my boyfriend's birthday cake.
i love the cake that she made for bedullah, Rusty Coffee Walnut. ahh mouth watering. just see how tempting it was. yummy!

Don't forget to join in this awesome giveaway 
Tomorrow, which is Friday, 28th August 2015 at 10.00am!

Thanks for reading!
Till then.


  1. aynal... sorry i cannot review yet the shawl.. my phone got into washing machine n cannot on till now. ;'( camna nak contact u ni.. ada fb x...

    1. Allah siannya uu. Facebook i aynalnal mansor. Nanti kita contact thru theree. Takpeee. Siann kat u laa hp u. Ni dah balik kee?


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