Thursday, August 27, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Review

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Everyone had mentioned this as “The Mascara That Will Replace Your Eyelash Curler” ahhhh. Relieve at first when I have heard about it where I would not waste my time curling my lashes anymore! I know this review will be a bit late for me, but I still want to share what I think referring on this product that I choose to feature in this entry! ROLLER LASH MASCARA. Okay.  How I met this product?

If you did read my previous entry on “Swap With Anys Nadhilah” she and me did mention that we often change our interest and keep updating each other on what we like and what we do not like.  So Anys did introduce me with this Roller Lash Mascara. Well to be honest, Mascara are one of the make up product that I would never missed to wear whenever I go out. Same goes to my brow kit. These two things are a must. I don’t need lipstick, I don’t need foundation, I don’t need concealer or blush. But I need these two (brow and Mascara)

Long Story Short, Anys said that these roller lash are amazing, then I started to search for it as I would like to include this roller lash in the swap since Anys wanting it so much. So I bought one for my self as well. before i did used the Maybelline Mascara, (no specific type because i have try it all)

Packaging wise black & pink. Nice and pretty. Simple yet elegant. Yes that it's how I’d like to describe on the packaging. Benefit known with their cute and vintage make up packaging. It's probably to girly for me but yeah i'm still a woman inside out, deep down i had to admit that i kinda liked it. HAHA

The price? Phew, to be honest, I could purchase 3 Maybelline Mascara with one price for the roller lash, which makes me wanting to try and see if it really works. Yelah seeing people raving about it, then it should work well right?

Yes, indeed it works well guys. I don’t really want to talk nonsense but I had never tried mascara without curled my lash first. And it did curled up my lashes perfectly with a satiny finish. It separates my lashes gently thats make it more natural rather than leaving smudge or flake. 

Tak adalah boypren tanya kenapa pakai mascara satu botol! HAHA

Okay. It did mention that the secret weapon for this Roller Lash Mascara is its "Innovative Hook ‘n’ Roll brush", which is covered in tiny, soft hooks that catch, lift, and curl lashes regardless of your eye shape and size." - okay first i didn't get this much. I'm not a beauty guru which i will never be. But i guess you guys want to know my opinion as a regular type of customer who had not so much idea about make up. BUT guys. for me i don't don't see an "Innovative hook brush", i just see a regular type of Brush. yes it's tiny, but how on earth they make it so easy to curled your lash up? to be compared, maybelline lagi lah ada brushes yang bersimpang siur. HAHA i don't want to sound stupid but terernya benefit. jakun jap. KAH KAH KAH. jk.

I had use this mascara for almost 3 months and had purchases the second one. OH! I have also read in one of benefit beauty tips. ---> For super curl AND length, apply roller lash first to curl & lift your lashes then layer they’re real Mascara! lengthening mascara on top. It’s sexy drama beyond belief! That is what they said lah. don't forget to try!!

Additional Info :-
Price RM95 for more info Check out Benefit Website 

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