Sunday, August 9, 2015

Affiliate Simplehijab Programme

Hey, hi, hello guys!

Ever wondered where you could get any extra income? To be honest, i did asked the same question to myself as well, so wouldn't be a harm if we could join in the affiliate programme by SIMPLEHIJAB and we could generate extra income every month. Sharing is caring right? Sign up NOW! | Click Here |


With over 1,100,000 Facebook page Likes and over 140,000 Instagram Followers, SIMPLEHIJAB is one of the leading online hijab stores in Malaysia. Founded in 2014, they have been serving customers from many countries. So now, they wanted you to be apart of their agent now and grab a chance to earn monthly commission. Sounds great?

Hey don't worry pretty and handsome,  It's Free registration. and what other great deal that they had to offers?
  • You don't need to keep stocks.
  • You don't need to handle orders.
  • All you do is just sharing URLs and earn commission.
  • You have the opportunity to receive up to 10% commission for every purchase - depending on the type of Hijab to be purchased by customers.
  • No limits prescribed period for the receipt of commission means you will continue to receive commission for as long as SIMPLEHIJAB operate.
So what are you waiting for, Sign up NOW! | Click HereSign up NOW! | Click Here | Sign up NOW! | Click Here | Sign up NOW! | Click Here | Sign up NOW! | Click Here | xx


At the moment, started from end of July 2015 until mid of September 2015 is a phase that only focusing on Affiliate Agents registration. The whole system will be launching in the mid of September 2015. Let's use this period while waiting for the whole system to launch wisely by spreading this good news with your friends and don't forget to invite them to become SIMPLEHIJAB's agent by using your unique URL / link. Sign up NOW! | Click Here |

Sign up NOW! | Click Here |

Thanks for reading and don't forget to join in!
Till Then.

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