Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Beautiful Blogger Award


Hey hi hello guys!

I just started Blogging back in the month of July since I’ve been resting from blogger world around 6 years. I have found myself loved and welcomed by a really nice and great bloggers. Thank you.

The guidelines for the award are as follows;

i) State who nominated you
It such an honor for me to be nominated for “THE BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD” by one of my new great blog friend Hari, check our his Blog. HERE. He had done such a great review on most of the brand, which you can name it. Great blog! don't forget to check it out!

ii) Answer questions given
The 10 questions that Hari had for his nominees;

1.     Since all my nominees are also beauty bloggers, when you do your makeup which part of your face or which routine do you focus on the most?
For me is my eyes, unfortunately I don’t have the skills on doing my eye shadows but I really like to do my brows and lashes. I’m very particular when drawing my brow and separate my lashes to make sure that it look perfect to me.

2.     Following the previous question, what is the one thing you feel is very tiresome and problematic when doing your makeup?
Brows to be honest, because sometime it could get so perfect and sometimes I could mess up pretty bad HAHA.

3.     What is one makeup advice/tip you can give to beginners?
Ahhh this is quite hard. Hrm well I’m not that good in make up which I also keep looking for great tips from other people. Can I skip this part? Hihi sorry. Seriously blank.

4.     What is one makeup (not beauty or skin care) item you would pick if that’s the only thing you could use for the rest of your life?
Can I please pick two? Ah well two bad if it’s only one which I would say, Mascara. HAHA

5.     Moving on to non makeup related questions, what is your one passion in life?
Tv production & creative industries, which what I’m actually doing right now. It gave so much effect on peoples life. I love creative thinking. Don’t get me wrong when we talk about creatives, its not all about doing creative things, art and such. It also the way you think as well which touch people feelings and surrounding. 

6.     What is your dream job?
Creative Director. Hope by working hard pays me off to make it happen. Still lots of things to learnt. So guys never stop learning.

7.     What is one interesting fact about your home state, preferably something people may not know of?
Kuala Lumpur? hmm. To many malls in my housing area. Which I never will understand. HAHA

8.     How long is your longest friendship with a person (if you want to you can name the person as well)?
My neighbor. Nadia & Siti which I think the longest friendship that I had so far.

9.     What is one aspect of your life you find most inspiring?
Be strong, be honest and be who you are. That is so far I think what makes me today. Which I find it is inspiring. Just move on and don’t look back cause there is nothing for you to cling and stay with your past.

1. What one thing would you say to people who think wearing makeup is being fake?
For people who think that way, may i rephrase the question to "why would that makes people being fake?" "What is fake in our understanding? Make up? Or the unpleasant attitude and behaviour that make people fake?" -- for me there’s nothing wrong for people to wear make up that is how they boost their confident, which I assume that is their way. We have our own way. It’s just unfortunate if fake people coming from people who wearing make up.  Never judge before knowing what fake and what’s not.

iii) Tell us 7 random facts
-       I love black in color
-       I love skulls
-       I love metal and heavy metal song in genre
-       I used to be very passive and shy in person
-       I love Star wars Characters
-       I’m a lip junkie
-      I can always hide my pain thru smiles. Which I assume everyone can do it well in their own way. That is what I called strong people

iv) Nominate 10 beauty or fashion bloggers
I don’t have too many followers as just started blogging back but I will nominate 3 bloggers for this award;
-       Hanablurbs
-       Wadaluna
-       Ieyra H

For you to know as well there is no obligation for you to do this, no worries of you not able to do so, everyone are great! Thanks Hari for nominating me :) you rocked!

v) Make up 10 questions for your nominees to answer (I have 5 simple question for your guys)
Here is the 5 questions for my nominees;
1.     Describe about yourself in 3 words.
2.     Tell one thing you do for the past five-month that will inspires everyone else.
3.     What do you like about yourself
4.     And what you don’t like about yourself
5.     What are you working on right now for your future

To be honest, this is the question that one of my mentors always asks me to answer quarter. Same question. Why? Because your will figure out what exactly you want building towards your future. It really helps me. It’s fine if it’s different every year. You will figure everything out slowly.

vi) Let the bloggers know you nominated them
 I will do that definitely!

Thank you for Reading!
Till Then.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Blogstagram Giveaway | NerdiaxAynalMansor

Hey hi hello guys!

Here is another great giveaway for you guys!
Haha hari tu ada janji nak buat giveaway, (which make up giveaway) tapi rezeki collab ni dulu nampaknya. Nanti kita keep update pasal make up giveaway tu ya. Anywayyyy! Giveaway yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba! Blogstagram which is a collab giveaway antara blogger dan instragramer with Nerdia. Dapatlah merasa kek sedap nanti. Apa lagi hadiah yang anda semua bakal menang? 

Stand a chance to win ;
2 winners 
(one instagram winner & one Blog winner)
Who will win....

1 Mini Chocolate Gateau 6" inch &
A box of mystery prizes worth RM50!!

Giveaway bermula dari 28th August 2015 and berakhir sehingga diumumkan kelak. Haaaaaaa.. ada chance lah nak ajak kawan-kawan lain join giveaway ni. 


1. Giveaway ni terbuka untuk yang duduk di area Lembah Klang sahaja. Sorry :( sebab takkan la kita nak hanta kek by post kan. Terbalik pulak kek nanti. 
2. AND! akan ada dua pemenang satu dari instagram and satu dari blog! :)) yang bakal memenangi hadiah yang sama ya :)
3. Aynal akan post another entry and on Instagram as well just in case the giveaway will be ended soon. SEKARANG TIADA LAGI TARIKH TUTUP :)
4. Pemenang akan diumumkan di blog ini and Nerdia Instagram pada 2 hari berikutnya selepas tarikh tutup which again tidak dinyatakan lagi bila tarikh tutup giveaway ni :)

Syarat-Syarat Wajib Penyertaan :

Penyertaan Instagram :

Untuk penyertaan Instagram, boleh rujuk pada Instagram acc @nerdia . boleh lah sambil-sambil tu jenguk instagram Nerdia untuk cuci mata tengok kek yang ada hikk hikk. 

Penyertaan Blog :

1. Tulis entry yang bertajuk "Blogstagram Giveaway | NerdiaxAynalMansor"
-----> (Copy & Paste kandungan entry ini)

2. Follow blog ini, Aynal Mansor

3. Follow Instagram @Nerdia

4. Jangan lupa untuk Tag 3 rakan blog anda untuk sertai giveaway ni!

Dah settle??? boleh lah kawankawan letakkan link penyertaan & nama instagram anda di ruangan komen di bawah ini. !! :) 

So Aynal nak wish good luck okay! :))

Thank you for reading!
Till Then. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blogstagram Giveaway Teaser?

Hey hi hello guys!

It's ay-nother awesome giveaway for you guyys!!!!! 
But wait for it till tomorrow, Friday for you to join in and know more about this GIVEAWAY!
This are a collaboration Giveaway with Nerdia, one of my best buddy who had a great talent
making ay wonderful homemade cake.

"Chocolate Gateau" are one of her new great piece and flavour. 
This giveaway is one the chance for you to have a taste on it for FREEEEE!
not just that! you will also get and awesome Mystery prize that worth RM50!!

To be honest, not saying this because she is my friend, but thats the truth. 
She once did surprise me with an awesome skull Cake that she make by herself. 
how awesome is that? and to add it's moist chocolate flavour!!!

Not just that! she also made my boyfriend's birthday cake.
i love the cake that she made for bedullah, Rusty Coffee Walnut. ahh mouth watering. just see how tempting it was. yummy!

Don't forget to join in this awesome giveaway 
Tomorrow, which is Friday, 28th August 2015 at 10.00am!

Thanks for reading!
Till then.

Benefit Roller Lash Review

Hey hi hello guys!

Everyone had mentioned this as “The Mascara That Will Replace Your Eyelash Curler” ahhhh. Relieve at first when I have heard about it where I would not waste my time curling my lashes anymore! I know this review will be a bit late for me, but I still want to share what I think referring on this product that I choose to feature in this entry! ROLLER LASH MASCARA. Okay.  How I met this product?

If you did read my previous entry on “Swap With Anys Nadhilah” she and me did mention that we often change our interest and keep updating each other on what we like and what we do not like.  So Anys did introduce me with this Roller Lash Mascara. Well to be honest, Mascara are one of the make up product that I would never missed to wear whenever I go out. Same goes to my brow kit. These two things are a must. I don’t need lipstick, I don’t need foundation, I don’t need concealer or blush. But I need these two (brow and Mascara)

Long Story Short, Anys said that these roller lash are amazing, then I started to search for it as I would like to include this roller lash in the swap since Anys wanting it so much. So I bought one for my self as well. before i did used the Maybelline Mascara, (no specific type because i have try it all)

Packaging wise black & pink. Nice and pretty. Simple yet elegant. Yes that it's how I’d like to describe on the packaging. Benefit known with their cute and vintage make up packaging. It's probably to girly for me but yeah i'm still a woman inside out, deep down i had to admit that i kinda liked it. HAHA

The price? Phew, to be honest, I could purchase 3 Maybelline Mascara with one price for the roller lash, which makes me wanting to try and see if it really works. Yelah seeing people raving about it, then it should work well right?

Yes, indeed it works well guys. I don’t really want to talk nonsense but I had never tried mascara without curled my lash first. And it did curled up my lashes perfectly with a satiny finish. It separates my lashes gently thats make it more natural rather than leaving smudge or flake. 

Tak adalah boypren tanya kenapa pakai mascara satu botol! HAHA

Okay. It did mention that the secret weapon for this Roller Lash Mascara is its "Innovative Hook ‘n’ Roll brush", which is covered in tiny, soft hooks that catch, lift, and curl lashes regardless of your eye shape and size." - okay first i didn't get this much. I'm not a beauty guru which i will never be. But i guess you guys want to know my opinion as a regular type of customer who had not so much idea about make up. BUT guys. for me i don't don't see an "Innovative hook brush", i just see a regular type of Brush. yes it's tiny, but how on earth they make it so easy to curled your lash up? to be compared, maybelline lagi lah ada brushes yang bersimpang siur. HAHA i don't want to sound stupid but terernya benefit. jakun jap. KAH KAH KAH. jk.

I had use this mascara for almost 3 months and had purchases the second one. OH! I have also read in one of benefit beauty tips. ---> For super curl AND length, apply roller lash first to curl & lift your lashes then layer they’re real Mascara! lengthening mascara on top. It’s sexy drama beyond belief! That is what they said lah. don't forget to try!!

Additional Info :-
Price RM95 for more info Check out Benefit Website 

Thanks for Reading!
Till Then. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Email Voucher Giveaway by Melinda Looi

Hey hi hello guys!

Starting blogging I had thrown a giveaway Collabs with FeecaMella, so why not I try to join in ay-giveaway from another awesome blogger Ainul Mustafa. Thank you Wada Luna for inviting me to join in this contest. I did want to join in her giveaway, probably it’s too late for me :(

Lets Proceed!

Hamaayyzing prizes to win!!!!!!
 1 x Voucher RM50 dari Emel Melinda Looi  & Wang Tunai RM20 + Product 

What you need to do?
Follow blog AinulMustafa (checked), write an entry with the title and insert the picture above (checked), Like  AinulMustafa Facebook page, Follow her instagram, AinulMustafa 

Don't forget to Tag your friend for them to join in : 
(i would like to invite)

Anys Nadhilah (Wada already tag you but i tag u along, again HAHA) and 

After you have done doing as stated above, comments on this entry followed by your entry link &
instagram name for her to check and follow you back. 

This giveaway will be closed by 31 Ogos 2015, 12Midnight!
I would like to wish all of you goodluck and wish me luck as well!

Thanks for reading!
Till then.  

Amin Aziz Photography

Hey hi hello guys!

Just wondering, is there anyone of you who had ay-coming wedding? Whether, it is your wedding, your sister, or your brothers and looking for a professional photographer on the last minute? Since we can see hiring photographer are pretty penny, and since it’s a precious memories, which we need to cherish so we guess no harm spending thousand and thousand??

Now, it’s the PROMO!! time where you could get a professional photographer which compatible with your budget. For booking and portfolios review, 

Kindly call us at +6013 323 7302 or email aynal[dot]mansor[at]gmail[dot][com]

Grab this opportunity while it last! J

Thanks for reading!
Till then. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

It's Masterchef Asia!

Hey hi hello guys!

Wait ! *tap song which i want to listen while typing this entry #nowlistening :  Seluruh Cinta by Siti Nurhaliza & Cakra Khan.

SubhanAllah, How are you guys doing? It’s been awhile fro the last entry that I’m about to do. I’ve been travel, stuffed with work and Alhamdulillah we have project this coming year. Yeayy! That is why. This is the catch up session with all of you I assume.

Oh guys. Don’t forget to watch Masterchef Asia on this coming 3rd September ya. Thursday, it’s 9pm. It’s produced by Endemol Shine Group and great work for making things happened. I remember the night that we creative team rushing to think on development part which was brutal. Goodluck on this journey! For the past week i did some research on Masterchef Asia for reports purposes and saw some of the bloggers did support by writing an entry about Masterchef Asia. That’s great! We are happy to get this kind of support from everyone. Hoping to capture great numbers!

Just taking this chance to congratulate our three representative contestants from Malaysia. You guys rock! Keep cooking good food! **Disclaimer, it’s not me who decide the contestants. HAHA

Don't forget ya guys. Find Lifetime’s channel number in your country down here. 

Last but not least! Wanna stand a chance to win a kitchen makeover worth up to US$7,000? Submit a photo of yourself enjoying a dish that best represents your country and tell us why you chose this dish. Enter this great contest HERE!

And don’t forget to tune in to MasterChef Asia on September 3, 9pm (SIN/HK) to find out if you’ve won!

I have lots to update but can’t really put everything in here. 
Will be keeping you guys update!

Thanks for reading this! 
Till Then. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My New Skin Care Routine!

Hey, hi, hello guys. How are ya?

If you have noticed in my previous entry, I did mention that I am looking for one skincare product that are okay with any type of skin especially my skin. At first, I would like to have a try on Clinique, but then after few days searching. I have found one! And yes! Funny story about this would not plan to have this in any purposes but the skincare that I’ve been using now are also recommended and suggested by Hari. I know! He is so good at this.  I’m actually looking around Watson and found one brand that I didn't know about, which called SIMPLE.

Suits with the name, it has a simple packaging with calm green. I bought the Starter pack for RM18.80 at Watson (that has Gel Cleanser, Toner and light moisturiser) and use it for 2 weeks to see how it goes. Oh my! feel in love with it. It suits my skin and i have bought the full size and a complete set of it for my self. 

History : i did use clean and clear, it's fine at first. then it makes my skin oily. then i tried Garnier. Ahh! this brand did not suits me at all. I find myself breakout so bad right after i used it. it doesn't make any sense at all. but seriously. I like the scents but no. it did not works well on my skin. 

So here come these SIMPLE babies that wins my heart. This is what I use it for now. i know it might be to early to said this is the best. but honestly it's the best so far. This Unilever brand are made with natural key ingredients, no artificial perfume, no artificial colour and no harsh chemicals -- The Simple Skincare range of products are predominantly free of animal derived ingredients. You can definitely check on the website to have a quick look on the product -- SIMPLE

So What did i bought for myself?

The Products : 
1. Simple Smooth Cleanser Scrub (Facial Scrub) - RM17.77
2. Simple Purify Cleansing Lotion - RM13.80
3. Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - RM16.91
4. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser - RM15.80
5. Simple Soothing Facial Toner - RM13.80
6. Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On - RM22.87
7. Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream - RM31.37 

So i did read some of the reviews and guide on which to use and what is the routine for this products. Here i would like to share my Day and Night routines (who knows you are interested to give a go with this products). 

My Day Routine. 
For step six, I actually use the scrub once a week to avoid my skin be to dry. If you have oily skin, 2 times a week should be great. if you have normal or dry skin, once a week should be fine. But the scrub are ahmayyzing! you need to try!

My Night Routine.
For Step 5 are optional. Just if i didn't get enough sleep on previous night. i applied it for the next day to make sure i don't get puffy air bag..i mean eye bag. HAHA What i can see so far is, in every skin care products, night cream would the most expensive items which treat and repair your skin while you having your beauty sleep. But make sure it's more than 3 hours sleep or else, it will never works. also be patient because it will never works its magic in just one night. Make sure to get at least 8 hours good sleep which will gives your products ample time to sink in. re-apply it every night.  

Thanks for reading My New Skin Care Routine.
Till then. 
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