Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Throwback Tag

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Recently. i did some collaboration video with one of my good youtube friend. We did mention wanted to do some other collabs. So then we both decided want to do ayy throwback tag. HAHA its alright for you to have glimpse through your childhood memories and laugh about it. I had mine and laughing really hard.

Then it makes me missed SAILORMOON so much. i can't even say how much i missed it. by the time i do a quick search for the sake of the video, i kept playing the sailormoon song over and over again after that. well my mom are quite annoyed with it. But its my childhood memory. how i hope that i could be a child again. freee and free always.

ahh. sorry. if you want to hear myself blab about my past. step into the web. AHAHA hopefully the video did not annoyed you guys. and hope everyone enjoy as well.

Here is the video.

Throwback Tag Video | Aynal Mansor

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