Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stealing my time.

To be honest since started blogging back it seems like part of me are back. or else when i'm on break. rasa tak tahu nak buat apa. Rasa rugi delete blog lama. well lets not talk about that shall we. it's already past 7 years.

Well. who steals my time? HAHA tak ada lah. i'm the one who steals my own precious time. It's been few days i stayed home on my annual break. It's time to go out. hoyeh!

So yesterday. i went to Midvalley. with an intention to go to the office, settle some stuff, pay my bills, go to the bookstore and find a book. well. i have two bills more to settle sebab semalam lupa. pft. Anyway. i went to MPH yesterday. I was looking for a book. To be honest, didn't know if the book were exist, i assume it was.

Lets go back for the past few days. This what i think, when you started blogging back, still it considered you as a newbie. so you need to find friends. i love to follow everyone. despite looking for a blog that look nice and neat, i don't care about that. i love to read people's opinion. so i started blogwalking starting looking from Anys Nadhilah's followers, and also the giveaway that i have made. (Oh jangan lupa join yaa!! here is the Giveaway entry)

So while blogwalking, i saw one random blog. well totally forgotten the blog name because it was so random. I saw an Entry called "Khaulah Binti Al-Azwar".

Who is she?

Khaulah Binti Al- Azwar was a prominent woman during the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad SAW. Khaulah was a Muslim Arab warrior. In her armor and typical loose dress of Arabian warriors she was not recognized as a woman, until she was asked by Khalid about her identity.

Dialah Bidadari Besi. (I shall give my future daughter this beautiful name, In Shaa Allah)

Then reading a short story on how Khalid Al-Walid ask about her identity, I can see how strong and brave she was till Drawn Sword of God noticed her. **it makes me feels like i want to learn how to ride a horse, it sunnah.


Anyway. long story short, i was looking for the book, unfortunately. it was not there. The woman from the counter suggested me to go to other bookstore since i want it so bad. So then i proceed looking for other book as well. and end up buying 3 books. -____-"

Nak cari satu buku, sekali beli 3 buku. HAHA end up spending 130++ but worth it. I did a vlog and shall name it "Aynal with a mission!" HAHA. tapi tengah edit. will post it on blog once i've done it ya!

So here is the books i've bought.

I'm so drawn by this book called RUMI, his full name are Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. his poet are wise and deep. not the hipster kind of deep. **i stil couldn't understand any of the hispter poems, poets, probably i'm not that eshteg deep i guess.

Oh let me share one of the Rumi's poet. (which are my favs) - lepas baca mesti meremang. gitchew.

Going To Mecca ;
"O Pilgrim who visit the Holy Land
I'll show you heaven in a grain of sand

Why traverse deserts, why confront the storm
If within you resides the formless form

Of the Beloved? If he's in your heart
Your pilgrimage has ended where you start.

So, from that garden did you bring a rose?
You saw the house of God, now just suppose

Arriving at a house unoccupied
Will leave the pilgrim's thirst unsatisfied

Remember Hajji wherever you roam
His love will have to make your heart his home."

--- Isn't beautiful? Masha Allah

Lepas tu sempat la jugak pekena sushi sorang-sorang. HAHA only 2 plate? celah gigi je nal. rugi makan dua pinggan. sekarang dah kempunan. -- eh? its rhymes haha

I shall do some review about these book if it's interesting tho. Of course without spoilers.
If you have read some of these books. feel free to leave a comment down below.

Salam Syawal! have a nice weekend!


  1. My siblings both love to read these kinds of books. Seems that I am the only odd one out since I don't read ahahahaha >.> but they seem interesting! my will power to let my phone go to read is just not that strong yet haha :x

    Hana Blurbs

    1. Haha, to be honest, before i started, i just lobe books. but not to read it. i spend lots for books but didn't read it. then i started to read one by one which takes month to finish one book! HAHA

      anyway Hana, thanks for reading it, I appreciate :)

  2. bangga kejap my name mentioned , heheee . anyway, hope you'll find that book. and that sushi look so tempting! can't wait for the vlog beb ;)

    1. hahaha will upload it once done edit. hihi. Thank you for reading!


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