Monday, July 13, 2015

Sephora Black Card?


Hi there.
Howwas everyone raya shopping going on over there? isit good? well i have done mine last week with my parents. This year I'm gonna be boria with my parents since i'm single. tak ada husband so dondon dengan abah dengan mak je lah. KAH!

This year colour are........ *Drum roll*

No no. not black. Dark Blue. Yehaa.

Anyway. i just received an email from Sephora to update my Sephora card details. Never check how much point that i have since i love to shops at Sephora. I was then shocked because i'm a Sephora Black member. since when aynal? Man.. i'm gonna be in a big trouble then if bedullah knows this. HAHA i spend a lot then if i get to be the Sephora Black member.

Well. Another new cardd! HAHA i was obsessed collecting card. But guys, this is bad actually. if we count following on how much you need to spend to get 250 point - RM5 = 3 points. I have collected 308 points. okay lets do the math. (despite i'm pretty bad with math)

RM5 is equal to 3 points
RM 1 is equal to 1.666666666 points (HAHA)

So 1.666666666 x 308 = 513

Did i really spend RM513 at Sephora? Aynal. Stop spending. no more! *guilty. Okay i promise to myself to not spend to much at any shop! but but theres so much good stuff at Sephora. Now i am addicted to The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush edition body buttercream. smells yummy, ayy yummy sweet lime!!!!!!!! baru plan nak beli full size.. haih.

Should i? should i not? hmm.

Disclaimer : I'm at the office when i'm typing this entry. for the math. i've asked all my colleagues to count with me together to get the amount that i have spent. i know. just being honest. i'm bad in math. don't judge.

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