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NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil Review


Monday! hoyeh. left a day before packed up with work. pagipagi bukak email dah ada kerja menunggu. but to be honest, its been awhile for me having a wonderful break and spending time on my own and my family of course. friends? haha susah sikit when all of your friend are working in production world. currently you need to have a 5 month meet up planning yet...i'm kidding. HAHA

So today blog gonna be ay review for NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil. What wassss thaaaaatttt. apa virgin virgin ni. virgin oil lah. HAHA anyway. i have been purchasing this coconut oil for the pass.. let see.. 4 month and obviously this is the new pack. haa it's durable.

let me introduce you to this brand first. Tadaaa...

NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the milk of freshly picked coconuts grown at United Plantations in Malaysia. I have never tried this brand before till i'm about to make my own scrubs for the pass 3 month - also for other stuff too.I have to use coconut oil. So far i went to AEON, this is the only brand they had. and it's only 3 of em' left (on the last time i went lah). Bottle besar pulak tu. With a heavy heart to buy the big size, i have to then.

What i think about it? (Reviews) ;

I have quite a long hair so then it's a bit hard for me to care for it. Especially i wear hijab. Sometimes i feel like bald is a good option. haha yet.. kidding. since that i need to make sure that my hair didn't fall to much and wanting keep it thick. so i used this coconut oil. i love the feel of my hair after using it. it just amazing. soft and healthy. Yes, coconut oil do promotes healthy and shiny hair. 

i used NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil on my skin in two ways, directly or used it as an ingredient in one of my scrubs, yes. i do my own scrubs. combining few simple ingredient and mix it with coconut oil will leaves skin soft and smooth. It's a great moisturiser. and other way that i used it is, the after wax treatment. sometimes just having after wax tissues treatment didn't help much when some product provides you with only two of it in one box. mana cukup. So, using coconut oil will help! it takes out your leftover bees wax and keep your..again, skin soft and smooooth.  i love it!

i love their packaging as it's bottled under stringent hygienic conditions NutroCoco's state-of-the-art filling plant. and of course! It's HALAL. Also, it come in handy from 125 ml to 500 ml. I need to find the 125 ml so i could bring you anywhere i go, NutroCoco! 

It's also proven that coconut Oil Contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. and do you planned to have great diet after eating to much during raya? well put coconut oil on your list! (1-2 tbsp daily) coconut oil can increase your energy expenditure which gonna help you burn more fat. Kurus lah lepas raya ni. HAHA

So, now why not you open the door and let coconut oil be apart of your life? :)

Additional Info :-
500 ml bottle cost RM59.90 for more info Check out

Hello ;
**Don't worry. will definitely share on how to DIY your own scrub ya. wait for it. 
**it feels weird when i write about healthy stuffs. HAHA
**oh ya, i'm not sponsored by this brand. It's my honest review. 

Salam Syawal!


  1. Does it have a smell? Coconut oil does tend to have a very distinctive smell. Just bagi info sikit eh, sebab aku nie food science researcher :P

    Virgin oil maksudnya, the first extraction of oil from any kind of material which is not chemically treated or treated very little and then packaged. It is commonly indication of high quality oil.

    1. HAHA good info. and good point! forgot to mention about the smell. surprisingly, the smell are obviously like coconut, but in my terms its a great smell. literally smells like coconut cookies. for the taste, hah. the best part, at first rasa susah nak adapt dengan rasa dia. but lamalama dah biasa.

      Thanks for sharingg!! xx

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      Thanks again.

  2. I've been wanting to try coconut oil! I tried finding it at my nearest AEON, unfortunately, tak ada. :< Which AEON did you go? :)

    1. hi there! AEON Midvalley, or if you want to buy it online boleh jugak. dalam instagram i terjumpa kelmarin, "supermodels_secrets" . hope this help!

      thanks for reading :))

  3. ehhh nak kena cube nie. u buy it dlm AEON or kedai2 kat luar die tu?

    1. Cuba E'in. hehe good benefit. yang ni i beli dalam aeon dekat bahagian minyak. hopefully its there in all AEON branches. i beli ni kat AEON Mid. hihi.

      Thanks for reading E'in!

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    1. Terima kasih ya. salam perkenalan! of course akan follow. terima kasih sudi baca :)

  5. Replies
    1. bau dia kalau orang yang suka kelapa macam saya ^.^ sedaplah bau dia. rasa macam bau biskut kelapa. tak tengik macam certain minyak kelapa. try jangan tak try hehe :)

  6. dia reduce hairfall tak eh ? i pon dalam dilemma rambut skrg. hehe

    1. haa tu i tak sure. tapi so far i guna, nak kata rambut kurang gugur tu tak sure. kene guna lama sikit, tapi rambut makin healthy lah. tak kering. hehe

  7. Hi...share ckit how to apply on your hair and as a moisturizer to ur face....?

  8. Hi...share ckit how to apply on your hair and as a moisturizer to ur face....?


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