Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mini Drug Store Haul

I went to Midvalley to buy my monthly essentials and things that i need. I went to Watson, my fav drugstore. What did i buy?

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation
I was actually looking for a new foundation. To be honest, i couldn't afford to buy the high end one since i need to save. I had never tried Revlon one before, so mine are in the shade of 310 warm golden. Since it's on sale and 50% of on second purchase, i bought two. HAHA first i thought that i should buy to try it. but on the second thought, most of my friend recommended the Revlon foundation. and i love how it stays on my skin when i tried it. Not to dark, not to bright. just nice for my skin. can't wait to have a try on it.

Will Totally do a review for this foundation! :) wait for it.

2. Watson Wet Tissue
Hah, can't really leave the house without having wet tissues in my bag. Yesterday for example, went to my friend open house, man forgot to bring my wet tissue. Bad things always happened when i don;t have this babies on my hand. just annoying.

3. Maybelline New York Pure Concealer Mineral
Okay, Za did an amazing job for their concealer. I just love using it. it's been my favourite concealer. Unfortunately. there is no stock for their concealer. so i grab these baby. I did try this concealer for before, past 2 years, i think. I actually like it, but cant recall why i stop using it. hmmm.

4. Vaseline
Oh my, i have a bad dry skin for your information. My lips are breaking, i have small wound near my lips. i can't smile or laugh. it hurt my lips and the wound. I saw my vaseline had already expired. so i needed a new one. Hope this vaseline helps! haha it cause me grief guys.

I am currently looking for a nice skin care product as i had a really dry skin. especially moisturiser and toner. i would be great if we could have one set of it. do leave comment down below if you have any suggestion. I would love to try! :)


  1. Simple Skincare line, try them! They're affordable, gentle on the skin and fragrance-free.

    1. Thank you for sharing! will deff do some research and try it on!

  2. patut la you bought two foundations, on sale rupenyeeee . hehe


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