Thursday, July 9, 2015

I used to be a blogger.


To be honest, this my first post after few years past by. I make a new blog despite how hard it is! I used to know how to play with HTML code and stuff but now... RUST. I feel like a young kid who want to start blogging.

Looking back on the past few years, i used to have blog to let out my emotion and thought for something i don't like. EMO if we can say. Then after i start my journey to become someone i want to be, i decided to delete all my post and let go the past. It's to embarrassing to even think about it. but that is the best part...laughing back on the mistakes that you have done and do it again.. JOKE. and don't do it again. HAHA

Well to be honest, i used to think that i'm not gonna have much time to blog when i start working. I do Vlog sometimes, why not starts to blog back right?

GOD i miss blogging so much. NOW I"M OFFICIALLY BACK! 


  1. Moga record vlog menyanyi lagi. hahaha!! Yeah! Welcome back!

    1. HAHAHA malulah. in shaa Allah. Thank you arf!!! missing the old time!


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