Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FeecaMella Review & Raya Giveaway Teaser


Hi Semua, Happy Eid to everyone As well. Especially to my Muslim brothers and sisters.
Ahhhh. Feeling so relief when arrived home from ay busy day. Raya Sakan weh.

Wait What! a Giveaway?
yes. it's a giveaway Collaboration with ...

BUT first. i would like to make a REVIEW about their design. 

This is an honest review since i'm a biggest fans of FeecaMella. Well, we have seen there's a lot of local islamic modesty brands out there. yes. Seems like FeecaMella could not be compared with all those brand. FeecaMella just Started. But In Shaa Allah. who knows. But i like the simple and their down-to-earth approach. Their design as well not bad at all. 

For your information. FeecaMella is ay Muslimah Fashion Local Brand launched in 2014. They have designed Hijab and Modesty Jubah for the past year and gets quite an attentions. Their simple approach and playing with soft colour blocking makes FeecaMella have their own unique distinctive. Not to forget, their designs are maternity and Wudu' Friendly.

They started as a family business with ay humble design on their Ashlyn Jubah's and Half Moon Hijab's. But then their design keep changing and be more interesting. i like the way they play with colours. 

But then, for the past few month, they have gotten more playful with their collection designs and get lots of great reviews from their customers! They also started to send out few designs to ay local walk in boutique for some of the customers who wish to get their designs in hand easily (feel it and try it!). 

FeecaMella Blair Basic Blouse

FeecaMella Courtney Jubah

For this RAYA 2015, they had came out with a new collection design, Delia Kurung with attention to keep the originality of Kurung but with a slight modern touch and also LACE, RM169 Kurung set. who doesn't love lace ait? 

I have bought the purple Colour Delia Kurung! It's Super Comfy and the material are soft!!!

They had also make a new collection with their new Floral Half Moon Hijab with a slight cheeky designs to play with your beautiful outfit during Raya! Oh! Did i mention that you can get all these collection at Zalora? :

Wait!. Did i mention The new Flora Half Moon are Limited Edition? Yes! They printed out only one of each design. Siapa Cepat dia Dapat! :) so you don't have to be afraid of someone wearing the same Hijab. cause you will not!

Oh ya. and there will be more Great and Awesome 
FeecaMella Collection coming out this coming Raya Haj' 2015!! 

Want to see all the smile that has FeecaMella put on their customers faces? Here we go.

So Since its Raya. I would like to do ay giveaway collaboration with FeecaMella.
Want to get duit raya and The limited Edition Floral Half moon Hijab?

This giveaway are link with todays entry! yeap.
Want to know more?

Wait for tomorrow Entry on
"FeecaMella Raya 2015 Giveaway!"


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