Friday, July 31, 2015

Addiction Towards Books

It just weird how much i love books rather than love reading it. I just love books. looking at books makes me calm and happy. Books excite me as well - their covers, the intriguing story to be read, and their smell.. ahhhh. i just love it. Every time i went into any book stores, will grab any random books, and smell it. Is that considered weird?

I did to some research is this something usual or unusual. Well, i can see some people having the same problem. Would rather not calling it a problem. It looks so negative. haha, well, I have many books. and for you to know, i just started reading it That excite me so much. Most of the book that i have pick so far are great! Now i know that i have a good sense in choosing books. Aik. angkat bakul sendiri nampak? haha

Damn Good Advice, From MPH

I started slowly. and yesterday, i went back to MPH and had a mini haul. I bought two new books. I can't resist not to buy them, especially when i saw the cover attracts me and the story are quite interesting. BUT i don't like every each of them. I have my own interest on choosing books. I don't really enjoy reading malay novels, not to said that it's not cool. NO. don't get me wrong. i just can't. same goes to english love novels. Not my thing. 

I love to read Humor, self help, inspiring, comics, religion (either islam or non) , politics? hmm sometimes. certain author. Geek, cool cover (yes, it counts). Jk

I did mention this kind of addiction to my boyfriend for him to know me well. I have planned to look for a new bookshelf. I have now adding more book collection. so new bookshelf i must find. I have break my promises not spend much, well i did spend pretty penny for this kind of addiction. *sigh anyway, i will probably do a review for all the books that i have read. wait for it ya!

Hope this entry help you guys to get to know me a bit better. which i have an addiction towards books! in other words, i am a sucker for books. Do you guys have any kind of addiction? do share with me. 

Thanks for reading!
Till then.


  1. Hello! I'm not quite sure if I already tell you this, but I still want you to know that I like your blog! *wink-with-both-eye

    I think that your addiction for books is a good thing, at least the fulus didn't go completely to waste—there's still words to read & piles of books to show off. *wink-wink* I don't think it's unusual for someone to love (keeping) books! Your selection are great! I don't think I can read half from those options....

    Actually.... I have the same 'addiction' as you define it! Though I'm more to fiction, and little self help, nature & biology, and inspirational books. I'm planning to get biography next!! I, too, can't quite handle romance book either in Malay or in English, especially contemporary romance—which is all over the Malaysian novella. ugh-

    And yes, most of them books are still as pretty as new. I've read SOME of it, and still manage to minimize the creasing—because I can't make myself hurt the book! That's weird innit? I even wrap all of my paperback and some of the pretty hardcover. And I just spent 100+ on my little sister's scholastic order catalog! Even though I keep telling myself not to spend so much... meh!!

    I probably need 3 whole years to finish reading all of this books....

    Good day! =D

    1. Hi there!
      first thanks for reading my blog. i have followed yours as well so we can keep supporting each other. i'm glad that i'm not the only one who had these kind of addiction. twins! haha

      Thank you again my dear for reading. hehe :D

  2. me too ! i love books more than reading it ! n i went to big bad wolf before this so I have to force myself to read it anyway :')

    1. kannnn? weird ! i love the smelllllll! it makes me calm. yes again we are the same!!! yippie. thanks for reading anys!

    2. kannnn? weird ! i love the smelllllll! it makes me calm. yes again we are the same!!! yippie. thanks for reading anys!


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