Friday, July 31, 2015

Addiction Towards Books

It just weird how much i love books rather than love reading it. I just love books. looking at books makes me calm and happy. Books excite me as well - their covers, the intriguing story to be read, and their smell.. ahhhh. i just love it. Every time i went into any book stores, will grab any random books, and smell it. Is that considered weird?

I did to some research is this something usual or unusual. Well, i can see some people having the same problem. Would rather not calling it a problem. It looks so negative. haha, well, I have many books. and for you to know, i just started reading it That excite me so much. Most of the book that i have pick so far are great! Now i know that i have a good sense in choosing books. Aik. angkat bakul sendiri nampak? haha

Damn Good Advice, From MPH

I started slowly. and yesterday, i went back to MPH and had a mini haul. I bought two new books. I can't resist not to buy them, especially when i saw the cover attracts me and the story are quite interesting. BUT i don't like every each of them. I have my own interest on choosing books. I don't really enjoy reading malay novels, not to said that it's not cool. NO. don't get me wrong. i just can't. same goes to english love novels. Not my thing. 

I love to read Humor, self help, inspiring, comics, religion (either islam or non) , politics? hmm sometimes. certain author. Geek, cool cover (yes, it counts). Jk

I did mention this kind of addiction to my boyfriend for him to know me well. I have planned to look for a new bookshelf. I have now adding more book collection. so new bookshelf i must find. I have break my promises not spend much, well i did spend pretty penny for this kind of addiction. *sigh anyway, i will probably do a review for all the books that i have read. wait for it ya!

Hope this entry help you guys to get to know me a bit better. which i have an addiction towards books! in other words, i am a sucker for books. Do you guys have any kind of addiction? do share with me. 

Thanks for reading!
Till then.

FeecaMella Raya 2015 GIVEAWAY! Closed!

Hi guys, 
I would like to inform that this giveaway are now closed.
Will be announcing the winner on 2nd August 2015 @ 10PM
on FeecaMella Instagram as well as in this blog :)

Terima Kasih kerana sudi memeriahkan giveaway yang tak seberapa ni
Dapat juga saya kenal kawankawan baru. 
Kindly inform kalau saya tak follow balik blog awak ya :)
mungkin sebab masa tu tak jumpa button follow. ^__^'

Terima kasih sekali lagi.
nanti kalau ada giveaway lain saya blog lagi :)

eh? pantun dua kerat! HAHA

Good Luck everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mini Drug Store Haul

I went to Midvalley to buy my monthly essentials and things that i need. I went to Watson, my fav drugstore. What did i buy?

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation
I was actually looking for a new foundation. To be honest, i couldn't afford to buy the high end one since i need to save. I had never tried Revlon one before, so mine are in the shade of 310 warm golden. Since it's on sale and 50% of on second purchase, i bought two. HAHA first i thought that i should buy to try it. but on the second thought, most of my friend recommended the Revlon foundation. and i love how it stays on my skin when i tried it. Not to dark, not to bright. just nice for my skin. can't wait to have a try on it.

Will Totally do a review for this foundation! :) wait for it.

2. Watson Wet Tissue
Hah, can't really leave the house without having wet tissues in my bag. Yesterday for example, went to my friend open house, man forgot to bring my wet tissue. Bad things always happened when i don;t have this babies on my hand. just annoying.

3. Maybelline New York Pure Concealer Mineral
Okay, Za did an amazing job for their concealer. I just love using it. it's been my favourite concealer. Unfortunately. there is no stock for their concealer. so i grab these baby. I did try this concealer for before, past 2 years, i think. I actually like it, but cant recall why i stop using it. hmmm.

4. Vaseline
Oh my, i have a bad dry skin for your information. My lips are breaking, i have small wound near my lips. i can't smile or laugh. it hurt my lips and the wound. I saw my vaseline had already expired. so i needed a new one. Hope this vaseline helps! haha it cause me grief guys.

I am currently looking for a nice skin care product as i had a really dry skin. especially moisturiser and toner. i would be great if we could have one set of it. do leave comment down below if you have any suggestion. I would love to try! :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil Review


Monday! hoyeh. left a day before packed up with work. pagipagi bukak email dah ada kerja menunggu. but to be honest, its been awhile for me having a wonderful break and spending time on my own and my family of course. friends? haha susah sikit when all of your friend are working in production world. currently you need to have a 5 month meet up planning yet...i'm kidding. HAHA

So today blog gonna be ay review for NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil. What wassss thaaaaatttt. apa virgin virgin ni. virgin oil lah. HAHA anyway. i have been purchasing this coconut oil for the pass.. let see.. 4 month and obviously this is the new pack. haa it's durable.

let me introduce you to this brand first. Tadaaa...

NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the milk of freshly picked coconuts grown at United Plantations in Malaysia. I have never tried this brand before till i'm about to make my own scrubs for the pass 3 month - also for other stuff too.I have to use coconut oil. So far i went to AEON, this is the only brand they had. and it's only 3 of em' left (on the last time i went lah). Bottle besar pulak tu. With a heavy heart to buy the big size, i have to then.

What i think about it? (Reviews) ;

I have quite a long hair so then it's a bit hard for me to care for it. Especially i wear hijab. Sometimes i feel like bald is a good option. haha yet.. kidding. since that i need to make sure that my hair didn't fall to much and wanting keep it thick. so i used this coconut oil. i love the feel of my hair after using it. it just amazing. soft and healthy. Yes, coconut oil do promotes healthy and shiny hair. 

i used NutroCoco Virgin Coconut Oil on my skin in two ways, directly or used it as an ingredient in one of my scrubs, yes. i do my own scrubs. combining few simple ingredient and mix it with coconut oil will leaves skin soft and smooth. It's a great moisturiser. and other way that i used it is, the after wax treatment. sometimes just having after wax tissues treatment didn't help much when some product provides you with only two of it in one box. mana cukup. So, using coconut oil will help! it takes out your leftover bees wax and keep your..again, skin soft and smooooth.  i love it!

i love their packaging as it's bottled under stringent hygienic conditions NutroCoco's state-of-the-art filling plant. and of course! It's HALAL. Also, it come in handy from 125 ml to 500 ml. I need to find the 125 ml so i could bring you anywhere i go, NutroCoco! 

It's also proven that coconut Oil Contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. and do you planned to have great diet after eating to much during raya? well put coconut oil on your list! (1-2 tbsp daily) coconut oil can increase your energy expenditure which gonna help you burn more fat. Kurus lah lepas raya ni. HAHA

So, now why not you open the door and let coconut oil be apart of your life? :)

Additional Info :-
500 ml bottle cost RM59.90 for more info Check out

Hello ;
**Don't worry. will definitely share on how to DIY your own scrub ya. wait for it. 
**it feels weird when i write about healthy stuffs. HAHA
**oh ya, i'm not sponsored by this brand. It's my honest review. 

Salam Syawal!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stealing my time.

To be honest since started blogging back it seems like part of me are back. or else when i'm on break. rasa tak tahu nak buat apa. Rasa rugi delete blog lama. well lets not talk about that shall we. it's already past 7 years.

Well. who steals my time? HAHA tak ada lah. i'm the one who steals my own precious time. It's been few days i stayed home on my annual break. It's time to go out. hoyeh!

So yesterday. i went to Midvalley. with an intention to go to the office, settle some stuff, pay my bills, go to the bookstore and find a book. well. i have two bills more to settle sebab semalam lupa. pft. Anyway. i went to MPH yesterday. I was looking for a book. To be honest, didn't know if the book were exist, i assume it was.

Lets go back for the past few days. This what i think, when you started blogging back, still it considered you as a newbie. so you need to find friends. i love to follow everyone. despite looking for a blog that look nice and neat, i don't care about that. i love to read people's opinion. so i started blogwalking starting looking from Anys Nadhilah's followers, and also the giveaway that i have made. (Oh jangan lupa join yaa!! here is the Giveaway entry)

So while blogwalking, i saw one random blog. well totally forgotten the blog name because it was so random. I saw an Entry called "Khaulah Binti Al-Azwar".

Who is she?

Khaulah Binti Al- Azwar was a prominent woman during the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad SAW. Khaulah was a Muslim Arab warrior. In her armor and typical loose dress of Arabian warriors she was not recognized as a woman, until she was asked by Khalid about her identity.

Dialah Bidadari Besi. (I shall give my future daughter this beautiful name, In Shaa Allah)

Then reading a short story on how Khalid Al-Walid ask about her identity, I can see how strong and brave she was till Drawn Sword of God noticed her. **it makes me feels like i want to learn how to ride a horse, it sunnah.


Anyway. long story short, i was looking for the book, unfortunately. it was not there. The woman from the counter suggested me to go to other bookstore since i want it so bad. So then i proceed looking for other book as well. and end up buying 3 books. -____-"

Nak cari satu buku, sekali beli 3 buku. HAHA end up spending 130++ but worth it. I did a vlog and shall name it "Aynal with a mission!" HAHA. tapi tengah edit. will post it on blog once i've done it ya!

So here is the books i've bought.

I'm so drawn by this book called RUMI, his full name are Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. his poet are wise and deep. not the hipster kind of deep. **i stil couldn't understand any of the hispter poems, poets, probably i'm not that eshteg deep i guess.

Oh let me share one of the Rumi's poet. (which are my favs) - lepas baca mesti meremang. gitchew.

Going To Mecca ;
"O Pilgrim who visit the Holy Land
I'll show you heaven in a grain of sand

Why traverse deserts, why confront the storm
If within you resides the formless form

Of the Beloved? If he's in your heart
Your pilgrimage has ended where you start.

So, from that garden did you bring a rose?
You saw the house of God, now just suppose

Arriving at a house unoccupied
Will leave the pilgrim's thirst unsatisfied

Remember Hajji wherever you roam
His love will have to make your heart his home."

--- Isn't beautiful? Masha Allah

Lepas tu sempat la jugak pekena sushi sorang-sorang. HAHA only 2 plate? celah gigi je nal. rugi makan dua pinggan. sekarang dah kempunan. -- eh? its rhymes haha

I shall do some review about these book if it's interesting tho. Of course without spoilers.
If you have read some of these books. feel free to leave a comment down below.

Salam Syawal! have a nice weekend!

Friday, July 24, 2015

My First Vlog! | It's ay Raya Vlog !

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Fridayy, Fridayyy yeay. HAHA I assume there will be lots of wedding or open house invitation from your family and friends on this coming Saturday? I have few as well. ahhhhhh It's so relaxing right now, because i am still on my annual break. went far from my work feels sooooo good. I feel GREAT. but sometimes. feels bit bored as well. Yelah everyone are working except me, with whom shall i go out then? spending my time alone lah jawabnya.

Anyway. I did upload my first Vlog. HAHA really short one. because i have no idea what to put in my vlog and whats not. so i did not talk much about the celebration to be honest, mostly talking about where im at and etc. sorry if it's not that good.

Feel Free to watch then :)

Have a great Weekend guys!
Assalamualaikum :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hey, I'm on Bloglovin!

Simple Entry :)

FeecaMella Raya 2015 GIVEAWAY!!!!!



Bersempena Hari Raya 2015 ni, kita nak buat Giveaway untuk kawankawan blogger since kita pun baru start blog balik kan? Boleh lah tambah and kenal kenal dengan ramai kawan.

Giveaway ni adalah collaboration dengan FeecaMella (local Fashion Brand). Eh? macam dah lambat sikit buat giveaway Raya ni sbb yelah dah raya kan? tapi takpelah. still Raya jugak. so masih sempat nak bercantik-cantik dengan FeecaMella Raya collection Lagi! :) Without further due, Macam mana nak enter giveaway ni? haaa. senang je.

Kawankawan hanya perlu jawab 1 soalan mudah and berpeluang untuk menang 
giveaway awesome dari kami :)
Boleh lah dapat duit raya and bergaya dengan FeecaMella dalam bulan Raya ni.
Raya kan Sebulan. Sempat lagi nak bercantik-cantik :) 

Giveaway bermula dari 23 July 2015
and berakhir pada 31 July 2015

Pemenang akan diumumkan di blog ini and FeecaMella Instagram
pada 2 hari berikutnya 2 August 2015 :)

Syarat-Syarat Wajib Penyertaan : 

1. Tulis entry yang bertajuk "FeecaMella Raya 2015 Giveaway"
-----> (Copy & Paste kandungan entry ini)

2. Follow blog ini, Aynal Mansor

3. Follow Instagram @FeecaMella 

4. Like Facebook FeecaMella

Soalan :

1. Pada Tahun Bilakah FeecaMella Ditubuhkan?
----> Nak tahu Jawapan mudah ada di Entry Ini :))


Letakkan link penyertaan & nama instagram kawankawan di ruangan komen di bawah ini. !! :)


Semoga Berjaya!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FeecaMella Review & Raya Giveaway Teaser


Hi Semua, Happy Eid to everyone As well. Especially to my Muslim brothers and sisters.
Ahhhh. Feeling so relief when arrived home from ay busy day. Raya Sakan weh.

Wait What! a Giveaway?
yes. it's a giveaway Collaboration with ...

BUT first. i would like to make a REVIEW about their design. 

This is an honest review since i'm a biggest fans of FeecaMella. Well, we have seen there's a lot of local islamic modesty brands out there. yes. Seems like FeecaMella could not be compared with all those brand. FeecaMella just Started. But In Shaa Allah. who knows. But i like the simple and their down-to-earth approach. Their design as well not bad at all. 

For your information. FeecaMella is ay Muslimah Fashion Local Brand launched in 2014. They have designed Hijab and Modesty Jubah for the past year and gets quite an attentions. Their simple approach and playing with soft colour blocking makes FeecaMella have their own unique distinctive. Not to forget, their designs are maternity and Wudu' Friendly.

They started as a family business with ay humble design on their Ashlyn Jubah's and Half Moon Hijab's. But then their design keep changing and be more interesting. i like the way they play with colours. 

But then, for the past few month, they have gotten more playful with their collection designs and get lots of great reviews from their customers! They also started to send out few designs to ay local walk in boutique for some of the customers who wish to get their designs in hand easily (feel it and try it!). 

FeecaMella Blair Basic Blouse

FeecaMella Courtney Jubah

For this RAYA 2015, they had came out with a new collection design, Delia Kurung with attention to keep the originality of Kurung but with a slight modern touch and also LACE, RM169 Kurung set. who doesn't love lace ait? 

I have bought the purple Colour Delia Kurung! It's Super Comfy and the material are soft!!!

They had also make a new collection with their new Floral Half Moon Hijab with a slight cheeky designs to play with your beautiful outfit during Raya! Oh! Did i mention that you can get all these collection at Zalora? :

Wait!. Did i mention The new Flora Half Moon are Limited Edition? Yes! They printed out only one of each design. Siapa Cepat dia Dapat! :) so you don't have to be afraid of someone wearing the same Hijab. cause you will not!

Oh ya. and there will be more Great and Awesome 
FeecaMella Collection coming out this coming Raya Haj' 2015!! 

Want to see all the smile that has FeecaMella put on their customers faces? Here we go.

So Since its Raya. I would like to do ay giveaway collaboration with FeecaMella.
Want to get duit raya and The limited Edition Floral Half moon Hijab?

This giveaway are link with todays entry! yeap.
Want to know more?

Wait for tomorrow Entry on
"FeecaMella Raya 2015 Giveaway!"


Selamat Hari Raya


Happy Eid to everyone of you :)
Ahh  as usual, i'm a night owl. seems for the past few day i can't get to sleep as proper as i have been before. Tak tahu lah kenapa. Kalau cakap dekat Bedullah ni bising dia. katanya mind set. AHAH

Anyways. Just wanted to share my simple raya experience this year. It's the year where me and my family complete with my nephew and niece celebrating raya here in KL. eshteg TeamrayaKL katanya. HAHA

Then as per usual every year we went to my aunt house, Mak Teh since she celebrating with her daughter as my cousin first raya at his in laws house. So tak pelah. :) we are here Mak Teh to keep your Raya day warm with our stupid acah funny jokes. I have nothing much to say but hope everyone of you enjoy your lovely moment with you family. since i think some of you has started working today. Happy working i must say. even tho i know the Raya mood barely gone.

Either myself gonna have lots of trouble getting back my mind for works. Kerja banyak menunggu dekat atas meja tu. HAHA

Alhamdulillah masih diberi peluang and ruang untuk sambut dengan mak and abah. :)
Again. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Eid Swap With Anys Nadhilah? (Teaser)


Thursday, July 16, 2015

My June & July Favourites!

Assalamualaikum Everyone!

Salam Ramadhan, 
Hah! We are almost there to celebrate Syawal. Howwas everyones preparation so far tho? New Baju Raya? Well it's pretty sad that Ramadhan will come to the end. Hopefully still have the chance to meet you again next year. It's never to late to complete and doing good thing on Ramadhan. Still have the chance. 

Well. Me and my family will be celebrating Syawal here in KL. Both of my brother and sister in laws will be celebrating it here as well. as one big family. YEAY! so excited. with my two little nephew and niece. HAHA

Not to forget. manage to share with you my monthly favs! do check it out! 

What is your June and July Favs? Share with me!

Teaser : 

Will be having a RAYA 2015 Giveaway ! 
Coming Soon!
Don't Missed it!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sephora Black Card?


Hi there.
Howwas everyone raya shopping going on over there? isit good? well i have done mine last week with my parents. This year I'm gonna be boria with my parents since i'm single. tak ada husband so dondon dengan abah dengan mak je lah. KAH!

This year colour are........ *Drum roll*

No no. not black. Dark Blue. Yehaa.

Anyway. i just received an email from Sephora to update my Sephora card details. Never check how much point that i have since i love to shops at Sephora. I was then shocked because i'm a Sephora Black member. since when aynal? Man.. i'm gonna be in a big trouble then if bedullah knows this. HAHA i spend a lot then if i get to be the Sephora Black member.

Well. Another new cardd! HAHA i was obsessed collecting card. But guys, this is bad actually. if we count following on how much you need to spend to get 250 point - RM5 = 3 points. I have collected 308 points. okay lets do the math. (despite i'm pretty bad with math)

RM5 is equal to 3 points
RM 1 is equal to 1.666666666 points (HAHA)

So 1.666666666 x 308 = 513

Did i really spend RM513 at Sephora? Aynal. Stop spending. no more! *guilty. Okay i promise to myself to not spend to much at any shop! but but theres so much good stuff at Sephora. Now i am addicted to The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush edition body buttercream. smells yummy, ayy yummy sweet lime!!!!!!!! baru plan nak beli full size.. haih.

Should i? should i not? hmm.

Disclaimer : I'm at the office when i'm typing this entry. for the math. i've asked all my colleagues to count with me together to get the amount that i have spent. i know. just being honest. i'm bad in math. don't judge.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's hard to get my Sunday. At last. It's mine!


#nowlistening -

Chivalry Is Dead - Trevor Wesley

Bismillah. Alhamdulillah. as mentioned. i get my Sunday. for the past few month. man.. always have something to do. i need my time at home. just today. i take my bath for almost 2 hours. hey hey. don't get me wrong. i know it's makruh because it's Ramadhan. HAHA no what i meant from taking bath for almost 2 hours are i did pampered my self with scrubbin and exfoliating my body and be FRESH.

I do everything follow with steps. oh my. i can't remember the last time i did this. yass! i feeel great after that.

Manage to film few videos. or else it will be probably 3 month lepas tu to upload next video. It seems like im talking to myself when looking that i just started blogging and nobody cares. HAHA

Anyways! my point is. how busy you are you should have time for yourself. seriously guys. If you said that "ahh, no time to do that, i'm busy, working. working is my life now".. WRONG! you are so wrong of doing that. How dare am i? i've been there guys. for the pass 3 years. i have been focusing on my job. i'm all for my work. Is like i'm married and tied up with my job. Been taking care if it for this pass few years. and what did i get so far? nothing but my job. friends? well. hard to talk about it right now.

Thank Allah that i still have family and bedullah with me so far. Time goes by very quick guys. cherish your time with family, love partner and friends when you still have that chances. I've lost mine once and i'm trying to get it back.

Who knows how much further we'll go on. Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone" - Billy Joel

Have nice day :) Remember. 

The Throwback Tag

Assalamualaikum everyone!

Recently. i did some collaboration video with one of my good youtube friend. We did mention wanted to do some other collabs. So then we both decided want to do ayy throwback tag. HAHA its alright for you to have glimpse through your childhood memories and laugh about it. I had mine and laughing really hard.

Then it makes me missed SAILORMOON so much. i can't even say how much i missed it. by the time i do a quick search for the sake of the video, i kept playing the sailormoon song over and over again after that. well my mom are quite annoyed with it. But its my childhood memory. how i hope that i could be a child again. freee and free always.

ahh. sorry. if you want to hear myself blab about my past. step into the web. AHAHA hopefully the video did not annoyed you guys. and hope everyone enjoy as well.

Here is the video.

Throwback Tag Video | Aynal Mansor

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cemburu ke? Haha

“Min, nanti mintak tolong hanta ni. Aku nak kena hanta orang lah.”

 Alah sibuk la mamat ni nak suruh hanta minah ni pulak. Kasi la chance laki aku hanta aku. Pft.

“yang, nak kunci kereta”
“nah..” sambil bedullah suluh bawah almari belakang studio nak cari anak kucing.

Aku capai beg, pergi kereta, campak dekat seat depan. Hah. Kalau setengah dengar pasal ni mesti kata aku saiko. Tapi memang aku macam ni. Nak buat cemana. Haha tak adalah cemburu buta stok minta kene baling pisau tuh. Setakat cemburu jenis “kau tayah nak acah-acah rapat dengan laki aku” sudahlah.

Haha Lenguh kaki.

 “nah awak”
 “buat apa tadi?”
 “tak buat apa pun.. Ada tak kucing tu? Macam makin ke dalam je. Awak panggil ke halau?”
 “saya tengah pujuklah, awak datang terus dia lari”

Hey Bedullah ni. Boleh tahan jugak sakastik dia. Masing-masing tengah sibuk panggil anak kucing yang tempang hasil kene langgar salah seorang kru aku waktu tu. Mula macam nak tinggal.

Tapi sekali bos tanya ”mana kucing?” masing terpinga-pinga, tak tahu pulak jaga kucing sebahagian dari kerja production. Haha


Memang niat aku nak bawak balik kucing tu pun. Awal nya sebelum live letak dekat dalam bakul. Yang member sorang bijak tak tutup bakul tu. Acah konon kalau kucing tu tempang, dia memang tak boleh nak panjat keluar.

Sangkaan meleset.

Alih-alih tengok lepas lega live ada datang satu masalah. Kucing tu hilang pulak dah. Satu hal masing-masing nak kene menongeng guna lampu suluh handfon masingmasing. Itu pun cahaya malu-malu nak keluar. Aiseh. Sebab tu Bedullah puas menongeng punya nak pujuk kucing tu keluar. Konon penjinak kucing.

“cemana dik? Dapat ke kucing tu”

 boleh nampak gelisah mamat ni sebab almaklumlah dia yang langgar kucing tu

“cane abg leh langgar kucing ni bang oi, memang tak nampak ke cemana?”
“abang memang tak perasan lah dik, sekali orang call tanya abg langgar kucing ke, terkejut la abg”

“dia tak nak keluar la abg, kematu belakang saya ni tunduk”celah Bedullah

Aku cadangkan untuk pergi beli whiskas ke tuna mayo ke apa ke dekat seven e nak umpan kucing ni keluar, dia confirm lapa punya. Sekali lepas bagi cadangan aku sekali kene follow pergi beli makanan kucing, boleh tahan lah. Katanya tak tahu nak beli makanan kucing apa.

Jelas alasan.

Aku tak boleh sangkal. Sempat aku pau abg zul 100 plus. Real gila bila riak muka yang memang serba salah tahap gaban. Aku cuba tenangkan abg Zul.

 Hasil sabar, Allah tu Maha Pemurah untuk membantu.

Dengan susuk tubuh Ali bak papan beroti stok paling nipis, berjaya jugak bawak keluar anak kucing tu. Hanya kerana aku cakap dekat producer yang kucing tu terperangkap. Mujur bos-bos aku ni memang jenis sayang haiwan. Tak gamak dia kata nak biar kucing yang berkeadaan tempang terbiar kat situ.

Apa lagi, di hurung semua kru sekali untuk bersama-sama berganding bahu dalam misi menyelamat anak kucing.

“awak masukkan dalam kotak lah, nanti dalam kereta pegang” jelas Bedullah tak lupa dengan kening yang tak henti kerut

“okay. Thank Semua” muka suka macam lepas tengok spongebob

Episode terakhir live malam tu memang buat masing-masing rasa penat yang keterlaluan. Mengantuk, penat dalam masa yang sama nak lepak walaupun masing-masing mata dah kebilkebil. 

“Min, kau hanta aku kan?”
 “haah, tapi kejap aku ada kerja lagi”

“malam ni kita balik dengan amin”
 “ouh faham. Sama lah kejap lagi amin hanta balik” ekor mata mencari-cari pisau.
 “eh naik amin sekali la ni”

haha Of course lah aku naik Bedullah, kalau tak laki aku hanta aku, takkan nak jalan kaki lapan tahun sampai Wangsa Maju?

Tapi tak boleh salahkan dia jugak, sebab status aku dengan Bedullah waktu tu memang jenis tak ada siapa tahu kecuali dua orang. Aku jeling tepat dekat Bedullah yang pandang aku terpinga-pinga.

Selesai hanta kitorang terus kata menuju ke Subang, nak lepak punya pasal waktu tu.

“awak okay ke sayang?”
 “okay je..”
 “ye ke ni? Kenapa ni?”
 “haha okay je lah, btw awal kawan awak balik?”
 “tu lah pasal siap suruh saya hanta macam memang tak tahu saya dengan awak”
 “tahu tak pe”
 “aik kenapa ni? Marah ke hanta ten?”

 Aku tersenyum sambil memandang riak muka sakastik dia yang stok mintak penangan ajaib aku.

“eh boleh apa lak tak boleh, boleh je. Saya kot, mestilah bolehh!”
– “tapi duduk belakang lah” selamba aku jawab.

Terdengar suara jantan Bedullah ketawa berdekah-dekah. Terlihat wajah Bedullah tersenyum tahu aku cemburu. Tengah acah-acah sweet tiba-tiba…..

 “meowwwww--- Wajah aku terus fokus dekat kucing yang tergolek-golek comel dalam kotak.
Aku hulur tangan, paling comel abad ini kucing tu peluk tangan aku

“woi! Agak sikit tu tangan siapa kau peluk tu”

 Pandai pulak kucing tu pandang Bedullah, acah faham apa dia cakap
“kau jangan pandang aku bhai” Berkerut muka aku tengok Bedullah.

Lagi teruk rupanya perangai laki aku ni, dengan kucing pun tak leh kongsi. Kira aku normal lagi lah cemburu pun dengan manusia. Haha


Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm a happy kid?


First of all i would like to thank to everyone still wishing my birthday even it's been like 6 days past from actual birthday. I feel old. haiya...

Just now, my colleague (my team where i spend much time with her contribute a nice amount of ideas for the company..HAHA) surprised me with this little basket. She knows i like star wars characters. She's a keeper. Thank you for this amazing gift.

And here again, yesterday i was on my annual leave. taking my parents for Eid shopping. Then, There's a whatsapp notification telling theres a package for me at the office. How can you resist to not open this package. i can't. FUNNY. how willing i am to go to the office just to retrieve the package. Before it haunt me.

It's from my youtube friend. We are doing a swap actually. so then i get hers. What is in the box? well, wait for it.. the video will be up this coming Eid!

I am a sucker for soap and scented product. My two best buddy knows my weakness. As i can say, they have sent me "8 years stock" of the body shops & soap and glory product for me to use. HAHA Thank you my dear friend. I'm so happy!

What happened to my room? I get it on my birthday.. well to be honest for myself. BUT. i will never get it if Mr Bedullah did not done such a great thing celebrating my birthday in Melaka. Thank you for being such a great lover. He is a keeper. Right away he got back from Kuantan, picking me up and went straight to Melaka. Nothing i can say but thank you for made my day in amazing way :)

Hope you guys have a great day as well, despite it's either your birthday or not. everyone deserve a wonderful day. We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we've established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.

Take care!

I used to be a blogger.


To be honest, this my first post after few years past by. I make a new blog despite how hard it is! I used to know how to play with HTML code and stuff but now... RUST. I feel like a young kid who want to start blogging.

Looking back on the past few years, i used to have blog to let out my emotion and thought for something i don't like. EMO if we can say. Then after i start my journey to become someone i want to be, i decided to delete all my post and let go the past. It's to embarrassing to even think about it. but that is the best part...laughing back on the mistakes that you have done and do it again.. JOKE. and don't do it again. HAHA

Well to be honest, i used to think that i'm not gonna have much time to blog when i start working. I do Vlog sometimes, why not starts to blog back right?

GOD i miss blogging so much. NOW I"M OFFICIALLY BACK! 

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