Saturday, October 7, 2017

Youtube Shout Out! INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY & Huda Beauty Dupe Palette?

Hey Hi Hello Guys, 

How are you guys seriously? I know, i rarely upload or update my blog definitely. I don't want to say that it is because i'm busy, busy actually i do concentrate on uploading more video on youtube instead, which i know it is not fair. 

Quick update, Amir already 7 months Old guys! kejappppppp je my little son grows up. OMG please don't grow up fast, tak puas lagi nak gomol HAHAH

Anyways. This entry meant to my youtube Shout out! i do upload new videos on my channel every week. Which i also do ay first Impression on So-called HUDA BEAUTY Dupe Palette? AND i do an International Giveaway on my youtube channel guys to celebrate my 350 subscribers. Well, i know it is a small number yet, i just can't believe that i went this far. haha Whatever it is, don't judge Hihih. 

If you want to see my video, Feel free to click below.

Don't forget to also join the giveaway okay guys :) xx Love ya. 

Thank for reading, 
Till Then. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Another Boring Life Updates! Random Rambles! Youtube Shout Out!

Hey Hi Hello Guys!

Omg Pejam Celik dah almost September really! If i would like to rant perhaps on everything boleh tak? HAHAHA actually not a rant, perhaps i just wanted to tell you guys that i have already active on Youtube back!!!! Please, Please watch my video just in case you have miss me and i miss you guys too! 

I manage to find times for me to pre-record some of the video and upload at least once a week to keep active. It is not an easy task guys! seriously. 

Tapi honestly i am proud of myself who manage to sustain my video upload, and by saying this i don't want to jinx it tapi, no! i deserve a pat on my shoulder. *pat pat pat* If you ask me know, i'm currently editing a new video, which is a haul video. sejak kebelakangan ni, Ya ALLAH, menjadi jadi beli make up, yes some of them are sent to me yet, not sponsor, but make up exchange with my friend. EVERY MONTH, tapi still. beli make up lagi. There are so much things to try on guys! 

anyway, if some of you did miss out any of my video, feel free to go to the link below ;

1. NEW! Make up Tutorial, Sultry Sea Brown Look 

2. Make up Tutorial, Romantic Look

3. My Top 10 Lip Colour! Yang Meletops! 

4. Collaboration with NurFatinZakki | Recreating Old Make up Look!

5. Make Up Haul Drugstore & Highend | Rasa berdosaaa!

6. My Top 5 Drugstore Product That i LIKKKEEEEEE!

7. Get Ready With Me , Natural Make up Look! 

Feel free to watch all these video and if you have anything to suggest do comment and don't forget to give a thumbs up if you like my videos! :) xx 

Anyway, will keep you guys posted. 
Talk to you soon. 

Till Then. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quick Life Update 2017 and What's coming up Next? :)

Hey Hi Hello Guys,

While writing this, I’m actually staring at my vanity and complaining how it turned out to be a big mess sigh. How are your fasting day so far? Missing to blog very much so far. If you follow my youtube channel. I did try to actually get my feet back on making video my youtube channel. Feel free to watch on my quick updates and recent vlog 


and here :) 

Anyway, i'm looking forward to upload 2 videos every week. And try to keep it that way. Hopefully one day i'm able to commit to upload everyday. I'm not promising anything, yet this is what i look forward to! :) 

Honestly i just film 2 more videos and look forward to upload it. Actually i'm about to edit the swap video that i have with syaza, one of the blogger here unfortunately where is it!!! i'm so upset when some of the things i saved in the hardisk is missing, seems like someone deleting some of my stuff just to fit it theirs. No worry i will keep looking at it and edit it. i owe her the videos like a year because of what going on with me did not allow me to do so. 

Hoping that i'm really back on track and hope that my readers are still with me here. :) 

Stay tune for more. 
Till Then thanks for reading!

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