Monday, August 3, 2015

DIY | Bachelorette party survival kits

Its Party time!

Haha Last night was epic and it's two of my good friend's bachelorette party before the knot tie soon this year! Well, don't worry to much not that it gonna be a wild party. It just a bunch of girl having fun..EATING! We haven't done so much of preparation as most of us are quite busy. I did steal my time wrapping the goodies which i supposed now it will be called the "Bachelorette party survival kits". 

What is "Bachelorette party survival kits"?

A while ago, when the Bachelorette throwing a nice party which act as one last fling before the ring, most woman getting more and more creative when it comes to planning unique events for their friends. Every attendee is sure to appreciate receiving a bachelorette party survival kit as a thank you gift, and put your own personal touch, essentials goodies to make it more exciting. To make it complete, beautify it cause who doesn't enjoy opening a beautifully wrapped present? If you are a sucker for arts and crafts, it is the perfect opportunity to show off your DIY skills.

So for me, my friends and these 2 bride to be, having a nice buffet dinner last night which were fun! have decided to make it more fun by giving out some goodies. I did do some research on what to put in my version of Survival kits since it was a really western things to do. Most of the survival kits version are for hangover which inclusive alcohol, pain reliever etc. and some inappropriate stuff HAHA so we can always play with something more girly or cute and since we gonna eat lots of food. ENO should help. so put it in. who cares. it's something you probably need. 

So, here are my version of DIY survival kits!

The Ingredients

You can always plan and play with what you wanted to give depends on the budget. I'm sponsoring the goodies part, so i have my own budget for each of the goodies x 6 people. including me. (i know weird to buy things for yourself! AHHA)

The after justifying what you want to give and also the amount of stuff, pick your wrapping paper or box or plastic wrap depends on your own creativity. for me, i like wrapping things with tissue paper.

It will be not complete if you didn't beautify it with a nice tags, nice ribbons following on your themes and taste. For me, i designed the tag myself and print it out. Want to take a look at the finish product?

The Finish Product

I added the invitation cards + itinerary for the meet up slash partayy. yes. i write my own name. haha just to make it more complete. Eventho i already know what is inside. still unwraps these goodies are so much fun! weird huh?

Hope this simple entry helps some of you getting any ideas on how to make your own survival kits or maybe other type of goodie bags for any type of event as well.

Thanks for reading!
Till then.


  1. Brilliant idea! It's very pretty! I'd throw in a lot of mints in there*
    btw, congrats to both of your friends! ^^v

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  3. Hello dear, I loved your ideas for survival kits. I am also going to a party thrown by my friend at best Chicago event space and I want to stay perfect for that as I am really excited for that party. So, thanks for this wonderful share.


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