Friday, August 7, 2015

Awesome Swap With Anys Nadhilah? Yeayy!

Hey, hi, hello guys!

Remember theres a "Teaser on the Raya Swap with Anys Nadhilah" on my previous Post? Haha The videos are up on My Youtube Channel. You can also read what Anys get on her post | Click here |

At first before i started and posted up my first video on youtube - which i have already delete it. I tried to find Malaysian youtubers for me to get to know with. It seems like there's already tons of Malaysian youtubers! How come i had never found them. 

So, Searching more, i had found Anys's youtube channel and her video as well. So i decided to get to know her well and start making friends.

I made my first move by sending an email to Anys, wondering if she wanted to do a collabs with me since i just started youtube. Macam mengorat pulak dah. HAHA then she replied! I can't even express how excited i am and YES, she does want to do the collab with me. Which is a Swap ! I did send out some the best swap videos on youtube which i really like but never ask her to do exact the same. It is out from our league. To big even i can't afford to buy lots of stuff like Nina Santiago.

So then we have change our interest, and gawd! our email thread was...phew! We able to make a short novel telling you guys the journey on how we make this swap succeed. So then, since she stayed in Perak (she studied there) and i live in the city, we have agreed to do a swap with a budget. To be honest, i wanted her to do the budget for herself cause i don't want Anys feels uncomfortable doing this swap and spend to much on it. I know how it feels to be a student.

Before i show you guys what did Anys get me. Promise me that never judge whatever we both give to each other as we both like, love everything that we have sent to each other. I know she have spend pretty penny to make me happy by going over on her budget. I admired her effort and love. I can feel it thru all the things that she got for me. HAHA seriously!

Ahhh I'm Super Excited. I have Anys's link well down here for you to see what i got for her! but just to let you guys know her emotion are better than mine. I was a bit sick but actually i can do better. Ahh I'm super bad at this. thinking my first swap gonna be the best swap. unfortunately. IT IS the best swap but not the best emotion. HAHA

I'm soo sorry Anys. 

And again first thing first i have already did some bad thing by opening the box upside down. Damn Aynal! why! so then i couldn't able to find her card. I found the card after i've done filmed. That is what happened when you keep turning the box. KAH! fail lah aynal. 

Overall, I've received 17 amazing goodies from Anys. She got me everything that are my fav! Skulls, perfumes and more! Lets have a look at it shall we?

  • Skull Tank Top
  • Tarte Eyebrow Gel in Taupe
  • Brown Mary Jane Platform
  • Victoria Secret's Perfume Set
  • Skull Scarf
  • 4 Superhero Miniature 
  • Watson Natural Hand Sanitiser
  • Big Hero Luggage Tag
  • Black Skull Handbag
  • Charms Bracelet
  • Another Wing Bracelet
  • Natural Prestige Rose Scrub
  • Natural Prestige Rose Hand Cream
  • Natural Prestige Rose Cream Bath

Another thing, I keep telling her to record everything but i didn't, thinking that i don't want to drag to much. I need to improve on that next time cause thinking i can just edit it fast forward at first place duhh. So i didn't cut the good emotion that Anys supposed to see. Seems like i did not feel excited getting the swap :( But I am. I did jump up and down on bed!

Then decided to make one more video for Anys to see what i had already cut out from the video. <Here are the bloopers>

Here are the videos if you want to have a look :)

I'm glad that Anys love everything i that i've get for her and i love everything as well. I just love swap and planning to do more swap. Anyone want to do a swap with me? 

Hope all of you enjoy reading this.
Till then.


  1. Wow that's a lot of things you got! I've never watched a swap video but I enjoyed yours very much!

    1. You should! it was so exciting looking people unwrap their gift. I love it sooo much. HAHA
      thank you syazana for watching and reading this. you are lovely :) xx

  2. Hahah tu open for swap ke :p I watched you both, even I was eager to see what you girls get for each other haha

    Hana Blurbs

    1. haha memang plan nak buat swap lagi. Are you interested? i have some ideas to do so we can definitely save. AHAH kalau interested lah. hik hik.

      oh. thank you for watching and reading this dear! xx

    2. haha memang plan nak buat swap lagi. Are you interested? i have some ideas to do so we can definitely save. AHAH kalau interested lah. hik hik.

      oh. thank you for watching and reading this dear! xx

    3. Hahaha boleh jerrrr. I miss swapping2 ni lol. Most welcome :D

    4. Haha drop me an email then and we shall discuss //runsoff

  3. thank you for doing swap with me Aynal ! I appreciate every little you did give to me. I am glad that now we are friends, see , swap has it own good . hehe. Stay friend till jannah ;')

    1. Of course! i don't want to just make friend in this virtual world. Nak kawan sampai bila-bila in Shaa Allah till Jannah. Amin. hehe. Thanks to you again for doing swap with me! muah!

  4. wow ! you received so much like wow ! haha. especially that Mary Jane tho. really superb. ><

    1. thank you awak sudi baca. haha yes. the heels are so cool!. xx hee im so happy.


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